The important news of great transparency on real estate market

The important news of great transparency on real estate market

Great Estate Network Nov 18, 2015 No Comments
Today was published the news about the cadastral survey of Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Agency) reporting the square meters of the property.

On the website of Agenzia delle Entrate, it is available to consult the area of about 57 million of real estate units; regarding the property in its ordinary destination accompanied with plans and registered groups: A (houses and offices), B (public offices, hospitals, schools, etc.), C (garages, cellars, laboratories, warehouses and shops). This innovation does not weigh with the cadastral income for which the calculation is done in rooms, but can have positive impact on the square footage monitoring used by municipalities to calculate TARI (Service Tax).

The procedure of access to this information is explained in every detail in this article of Sole24 ore “Dal Pin alla visura catastale, ecco come cercare la superficie della propria casa” 

It does not concern a real revolution, because now we have to wait for more complete reform of the cadastre, it is just the first step towards transparency of real estate sector with united data that, in general, will positively affect the property assessment.

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