The Italian real estate is increasing

The Italian real estate is increasing

Great Estate Network Dec 11, 2015 No Comments

The Italian Agenzia Delle Entrate published the data regarding the third semester of 2015 on its website. Despite the fact that the period includes the summer, results were very positive: Italians are starting to invest into the real estate again.

According to the Osservatorio Dell’Agenzia Delle Entrate, from July to September 2015, transactions have increased of 10,8%, i.e., compared to 2014, more than 10.000 houses sold.

The most “active” citizens were Neapolitans, followed by Milaneses and Turineses. The reasons of this trust can be identified into the “liquidity” widespread on the entire country that, however, does not find any favourable profit into other fields as the stocks or the government securities and the real estate values decrease. This is a very relevant aspect for the purchasing of a home.

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