The most coveted prestigious property on the English-speaking buyer market

The most coveted prestigious property on the English-speaking buyer market

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Read this article and you will discover the 6 most requested characteristics by the English-speaking buyer market for the purchase of a prestigious property in Italy

It may seem obvious, but English and American customers adore the good weather, Italian history, culture, food, wine and … they want to realize their ‘Italian Dream’, living in a farmhouse located on top of a hill, which can be accessed through a suggestive avenue of cypresses, going shopping at the local market, enjoying an aperitif in the square … well … feeling “Italian”!

But… what are the characteristics of the ideal property for British and American clients?

– First of all it must be a beautiful renovated and possibly also furnished farmhouse (casale). Very often the furniture becomes part of the negotiation. It must be equipped with large and bright living areas and 4-5 bedrooms. In addition, these customers particularly like the presence of an annex, so that they can have one or two additional rooms.

– British and American customers love the properties surrounded by large and well-kept gardens with a swimming pool – the latter is a must – and also being able to have a land of about 1-2 hectares ideally with a small olive grove and/or a vineyard.

If they are of working age, they can look for a property where they can spend a few weeks a year pleasantly,  making it an income for the rest of the time.. if you can work from anywhere… then why not choose a nice one? Instead, if they are close to retirement they look for a “buen retiro” where they can spend more and more time.

– Anglophone customers have very clear ideas as it comes to the location: it must offer an amazing view, guarantee the necessary privacy and be away from noise even if not too isolated.
But that is not all! The property must be located about 5 -10 minutes by car from characteristic historical towns’ centers, both of Umbria and Tuscany, must have basic services at hand, and must allow you to go to the typical local restaurants. The proximity to a slightly larger city of art is also very popular.
Finally, their ideal property should be a maximum of one and a half to two hours away from an international airport.

– The reference budget for this segment of the international buyer market in 65% of cases is between 500,000 and 1 million euros, 20% between 1 and 2 million euros and 15% over 2 million euros!

– Anglo-American customers are very pleased to be able to count on an efficient range of after-sales services:

precisely those offered by the Great Estate group!

To name just a few: finding the tax code, opening a bank account, signing an insurance, as well as being introduced to local staff to take care of the maintenance of the property, such as gardeners and cleaners.

They look for and prefer to rely on a professional who speaks their mother tongue and who is able to assist them throughout the purchase process. They definitely want to buy with an agency that gives them certain guarantees and experience – they want someone they can trust.

At Great Estate we all well know the cultural habits of international customers:
in fact, today we represent 33 countries in the world.

We know immediately which are the best advertising strategies to sell every single property and which are the “right” markets to which  offering it.

Does your property have the characteristics required by the international buyer market?

Then get in touch with us:
propose your luxury property now by filling out this survey.

In over 25 years of activity, the Great Estate network has specialized in the sale of prestigious properties to the international market, achieving over 250 great successes: is the next one the sale of your property?


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