The Neogothic and Baroque styles meets in an ageless home: Castello Di San Giorgio in Montferrat

The Neogothic and Baroque styles meets in an ageless home: Castello Di San Giorgio in Montferrat

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Great Estate is proud to propose you one of its most fascinating properties: the Castello Di San Giorgio in Montferrat.

A Royal Decree of 1916 declared it National Monument: the Castello Di San Giorgio in Montferrat, one of the most prestigious and best maintained fortification in Italy.

Today, if your dream is to purchase a real castle where art and history mixes together, you can do it with Great Estate!

We are in San Giorgio, at about 280 metres above the sea level and among the rolling hills of Montferrat. In this territory, in the middle of the Genoa-Milan-Turin triangle, the majestic castle of San Giorgio (read here the property tab) stands. Dating back to ‘900, this amazing property has, during the time, represented the residence of many nobles families (Paleologi, Aleramici and Gonzaga), as well as of the Inquisition Court. The castle is an amazing prove of the perfect overlapping of different architectonical styles: Neogothic and Baroque. Moreover, the fortress was worked also by two famous architects: Giovan Battista Ferrogio – Juvarra’s student – who, in 1700, planned the small chapel of the castle and the famous Turin architect Bollati who, approximately in the middle of 1800, re-built the southern facade of the palace.

The result of the overlapping between the Neogothic and Baroque styles, together with the ones of those two architects, makes the castle a unique and exceptional home: inside, we find the traditional cellars and infernot, today part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Moreover, in some rooms of the noble floor, there are also many Baroque wood works, original doors, stuccos and frescos. At the same floor, it is possible to admire the beautiful and decorated wood floors. At the entrance floor, instead, through the different rooms of the building southern wing, the splendid and handmade Bollati floors stand.

Moving outside the fortification, on its east side, we are welcomed by a marvellous Italian garden while, on the northern one, by a park of more than three hectares and rich of monumental trees. On the opposite side, there are different terracing levels: a terraces show at the open air which covers more than 1.000 sqm.

The Castello Di San Giorgio is not just a fascinating and historic property, but it is also a unique one. Its location, surrounded by the Montferrat hills (read here our article about it), does not need to be commented. 

If you were enchanted by this amazing property, visit our website or call at our head offices. We are waiting for you!

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