The new consultants of Great Estate: Caterina Caloni

The new consultants of Great Estate: Caterina Caloni

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In the last few weeks, some new real estate consultants have joined the Great Estate team. Today, we are going to introduce you Caterina Caloni.

Welcome, Caterina. First of all, would you like to tell us something about yourself?

Hello everybody. I was born in Passignano Sul Trasimeno, right in the living room of the house where I am still living today (in the past, people not necessarily went to hospitals to give birth to a baby).

During my life, I have never moved from my house even though I have never felt particularly bound to it. Indeed, in the ‘30s, my grandfather – a US citizen with Italian origins – chose Passignagno to retire. My home has been called “Villino Washington”. From him, I inherited my will to travel, get to know different cultures and – possibly – enjoy my life, something that is very difficult to do nowadays.

4 adjectives to describe yourself:

Curious, resourceful, hedonist, problem-solver.

Which was your personal education?

After school, at the suggestion of my dad who saw some advertising posters, I went to Liceo Linguistico Pietro Vannucci in Perugia. That was the right school to realize my ambition of learning the languages and then working as a hostess. However, once my studies ended, I changed my mind: being a hostess also means being a waitress, and with the time passing, I understood that that was not my field. So, I joined the Scuola Superiore Interpreti e Traduttori and Politic Sciences university at the same time and I finished both the paths.

We know that you currently speak different languages. Have you only learned them in Italy or also abroad?

Since the second year of high school, I’ve always gone abroad for language study trips, mainly in England and in France. Throughout these experiences, I am currently able to fluently speak English and French. Moreover, as the years went by, I’ve also attended a few courses that gave me the chance to learn a basic knowledge of German and Spanish.

How long have you been working?

Given my venerable age, it is about 40 years already. In the first 15, I dedicated myself to family business.

Would you like to give us an excursus of your various professional experiences?

From high school to the first years of university I helped my mother in a gift and tobacconist shop. Later on, my father and my uncle opened a small hotel on Trasimeno lake and therefore I’ve practically been thrown in the hoteling word. I managed the hotel for 9 years.

This circumstance, if on one side hasn’t given me the freedom to fully live my younghood and to go out with my friends, on the other one has allowed me to have enough time to travel the world in the winter season.

In the following years I’ve focused on the accommodation sector and on travel agencies and tour operators’ sectors.

When did you enter into real estate world?

About 10 years ago.

Once I stopped with the hoteling, a friend of mine offered me to cooperate with a real estate agency she knew that was looking for a person in order to increase the short-term rental business.

What led you to work in this field?

Dealing with short term rentals in the last years, I’ve been given the chance to visit a lot of high-level facilities: houses in the countryside, agriturismos, villas, etc.. this allowed me to understand and evaluate which impact worked better on the eventual renter: identifying myself with the renters I’ve developed a “critical thought” for what concerns the strength and weaknesses of every property, and also learning that the steps to do were very similar to those of the purchase and sales.

Before Great Estate, you also worked with other real estate agencies. What were the target markets of those agencies? And what roles did you have?

For the first 3 years, I worked with an agency that we could define as “generalist”, for what concerns operational area and also the estate type. It also dealt with long term and short-term rentals.

Two years later I started a cooperation with 2 agencies that worked only in Perugia city, mainly in the historic center. Initially, I focused on long-term rentals: my clients were mostly young university students who were looking for houses nearby the university. Then I switched from rents to sales, earning more competences and dealing with sellers.

After that, during the last year and a half, I worked with another real estate agency, managing the sale and purchase of farmhouses and, generally speaking, of holiday homes. In this case, I worked for both sellers and buyers.

And finally, your latest experience with Great Estate…

Would you like to find out when and how Caterina has joined our group? Then keep following our Magazine: other interesting interviews dedicated to our new consultant coming up soon!

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