The property renovation vademecum – second part

The property renovation vademecum – second part

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After the part addressed to the initial verifications and phases, the surveyor Stefano Rocchini is going to tell us about the second tranche of his property renovation handbook.

4-The construction site works phase

Finally, the big day has come.. Your property is now a construction site and, step by step, it will become your true dream home. In the meantime, your specialists have communicated the works starting to the Municipality, Genio Civile, etc., the constructor company has fenced the area and all the site compulsory indications have been exposed already.

So, the works will now start: the removal and demolition interventions first, then the structural, system, rooms and finishing ones.

During the removing and demolition phase, the elimination of the loadbearing masonry and not, in addition to the removing of the fixed furnishings to be renovated (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), of the fireplaces and all the elements which may be in the way of the realization of your new project are included. A suggestion: if your home has different floors, start with the upper ones so to facilitate then the cleaning. 

Successively, according to what established during the planning phase, the structural, consolidating and recovery works will take place. It is highly recommended to solve any problem connected to humidity, infiltrations or possible infestations.  

A further, next work consist in the realization of the internal dividers, to be done according to the project you chose initially. The partitions may be prefabricated, clay-brick or panels.

Often, among the most important interventions of a renovation and even if not taken under the right consideration, the thermoacoustic insulation works (external or internal walls, roof or attic, etc.) are needed. It is a real pity because a high quality insulation guarantees an excellent life comfort and is able to lighten your invoices amount. Moreover, some fiscal benefit for those who do this kind of works are included too. A suggestion: for the entire duration of the site, inform yourself, through your site manager, about the works compliance with the initial project. 

After the initial definition of the property division, it is now the turn of the ducts, protection conduits and sewers. All the electricity and water system interventions are done.

Then, you will deal with the screed: a thin cement layer which is lying on the floor so to make the surface flat and ready for the chosen covering (parquet, tiles, brushed cement, etc.). This will have to be done very carefully, because from it the duration of the laid floors will depend.

If the façade needs of a plastering, this is the right moment to do it, because the same will be done into the rooms. Floors and bathrooms and kitchen coverings will be laid. 

After the structural and building components, it is now the moment of the systems and sewerage realization or restoration, as well as of the boiler and radiator installation.

  • Electrical system: alimentation, distribution (lights, outlets, oven, washing machine, etc.) and grounding;
  • Communication net: TV and Internet systems, possible home automation system;
  • Water system: inlet water tube, boiler and toilet installation (shower stall, sink, bidet, etc.), sewer realization. 
  • Gas net: connection from the meter (or tank) to the boiler;
  • Ventilation system: channels for the mechanic controlled ventilation;
  • Heating system: electric cables (radiators or under-floor electric system), netting polyethene, copper or multilayer tubes (radiators or under-floor water heating system).

On completion of the works, the internal and external fixture, the painting and/or internal or external walls treatments will be done.

5-The site technical phase 

Usually, during the works, your trusted specialist becomes the site manager as well: an essential role because, in addition to be the public official towards the Administrations by guarantying the respect of the construction, urbanistic, structural and system rules, he/she will also represent the property during the site, protecting it from any discrepancy, delay, mistake or irregular interventions which may be done on it.

The site manager has also the task of the works accounting by verifying, step by step, their amount and rectifying, through some specific certificates, the sums to be paid to the constructor company according to kind of contract signed.  

Once the works are ended, the site manager creates a certificate of regular execution, the end of works certification and the property occupancy certificate. 

The last things to do

You are now very close to the objective! Everything went good.. you were able to respect your initial budget and, thanks to the reductions done by the different companies, you still have some money to express your passion for the design!

It is now the time for the furnishings, textures, materials, lighting system choosing by thinking at your home as a story you want to tell, from its entrance to the last room: an interior designer or a stager will be able to guide you into the products choose.

Now, the rooms and the external spaces of your home are new. In this last phase, the only thing you have to do is to deal with the garden/terrace: in this case, a landscape architect will be able to suggest you how to improve those areas. As an alternative, you can ask to the garden centres, where you will always find some interesting ideas.


This article is not to be considered as a complete handbook for a property renovation because every single intervention needs a specific and deeper interpretation including a specific technical, architectonical and engineering analysis. Instead, it has to be seen as a short handbook for all those owners who are willing to start this amazing life experience.

Stefano Rocchini

StudioTecnicoAssociato RocchiniTerziani

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