The riviera delle Palme in Liguria

The riviera delle Palme in Liguria

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The Riviera delle Palme-Liguria


The Riviera delle Palme, which extends for about 70km in length, is situated on the western Ligurian coast. A tranquil place with a mild climate bathed in sunshine, the area is characterized by a great morphological diversity. In Andora there is a very long beach with golden sand and depths that gradually tilt, while the sand in Laigueglia has a slight pinkish tint and in Alassio, again there is golden sand, with depths of only a few tens of centimetres long into the sea. In other areas, there are rocky gravel beaches even at the promontory of Caprazoppa and ivory and white sand near Capo Noli. In short, an enchanted place where colours are key, playing with the eyes of the beholder. It is as if nature has indulged us, using a wonderful colour palette. In this area, near Alassio, there is a beautiful residential complex with luxury apartments for sale. ‘Villa Poggio Bello’, overlooking the bay from the top was originally a single family home owned by an important luminary in the medical field. The spacious and prestigious park that surrounds it includes a clay tennis court that is floodlit to allow play even at night, as well as a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by greenery. All of the luxury apartments for sale have magnificent well maintained gardens with Mediterranean flowers, olive trees, palms and cycads, which in the spring make for an explosion of colour and scent.

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