The Russians and Chinese are buying in Italy; what is the clientele looking for?

The Russians and Chinese are buying in Italy; what is the clientele looking for?

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There is a lot of discussion about opening up new real estate markets in Russia and China, as potential new investors and buyers, but who are they? and what do they want? And above all, how do we reach these clients? We speak to Russian clients, who have for several years focused on Italy. Initially they came for short holidays then they began to search for property, they are demanding real estate agencies that can help them purchase a property in Italy every step of the way, from research and buying to restoration.

Three distinct categories have emerged from requests and budgets available.

The first is a client with a very limited budget, looking for a second home in Italy, particularly in coastal areas. The second group still wants to buy a house by the sea but not only beach apartments or beach villas but also houses or villas further away from the coast. Finally the last category, which has a very high budget, who are looking for farmhouses and luxury villas in primarily Tuscany or the Marche region as well as the art cities like Rome or Florence.

Among Chinese clients there are also two different groups. Both are looking to purchase a second home in Italy who sees an opportunity for investment. The real estate agency must be well prepared, have native support and be conscientious and competent with reliable partnerships that are as well. It is very simple for the seller, on the other hand, to be able to reach this clientele so different from us culturally.

To be able to have the opportunity to sell to these markets, it is necessary to have a professional, well prepared real estate agency with qualified staff able to address these specific markets, with links in these countries and be able to also advertise in magazines and real estate portals.

This is in addition to native speakers who do not only translate, but are able to also understand all the technical and legislative dynamics of a property purchase in Italy.

The Great Estate Real Estate Group, in addition to specializing in these markets who have direct contacts with the most important local agencies, have also developed a series of partnerships with professionals who work at an international level to facilitate as much as possible the relationship between sellers and buyers.

The Great Estate Group offers high quality services to both parties with dedicated marketing plans for sellers and research services for buyers.

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