The third report 2015 with the analysis of Nomisma on real estate market

The third report 2015 with the analysis of Nomisma on real estate market

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Today in Milan, in Cariplo foundation congress center, was presented the third report 2015 on real estate market, prepared by Norisma, an economic consulting firm for companies and public authorities, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking.

According to the preliminary analysis, the situation appears much more optimistic in recent times, however, there is still much to do to go out of the crisis that affected the sector.

The results of real estate research, done by Nomisma, showed that the sales of residential property have grown at 6% at the end of the year, as far as the prices on houses are registered to decrease at 2,5% on an annual basis; this reduction is forecasted to stop in 2016.

There is also the strong presence of the banks to which the majority of Italians (about75%) apply for financial support in the purchasing of a house; hence, there is strong increase of loans.

Finally, there also were recorded positive signals for renting, considering the rent-to-buy phenomenon, offering the standby possibility to buy the house with an opportunity to test it on for a long term and then decide if it meets the demands.

Maria Letizia Vigorito

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