The translator career? This is how I mean it – Tanya Starrett

The translator career? This is how I mean it – Tanya Starrett

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Tanya Starrett tells us about her job as English-Italian translator for the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group.

Tanya, would you like to tell us something about your job in Great Estate & Chesterton?

Well, we decided to sell our property with Great Estate & Chesterton. Some of our English friends recommended it to us. And so it was! I immediately accepted the proposal! Every time a Great Estate & Chesterton consultant and I accompanied a client to visit a property, we translated it into Italian. If the buyer was international, I dealt with the English communication part. When, in 2012, we sold our property, they asked me if I would like to start working as their translator: so I am here!

I come from UK, but my maternal grandparents were Italians and, to be more precise, they came from Abruzzo. For this reason, I have a double citizenship: English and Italian. When I was young, I lived in Italy for three years because my parents decided to accept a job in the Marche region as the keepers of a property in Morrovalle. Unfortunately, in 1980 we came back to UK. Since that moment, I tried to return to Italy! I definitively moved here 7 years ago. I live in Città Della Pieve, Umbria. In addition to a Archeology and History master, I have a TEFL diploma and I get the license to practice law and notary in UK. I recently did an on-line Geneva University course: Introduction of International Organizations. I also have a great experience into the no-profit sector.

In particular, what do you deal with?

I deal with all the aspects of the real estate market: marketing, brochures, advertising, web-site updating, technical documents. This perfectly matches with my self-discipline, motivational and time managing skills. It is interesting to notice how, since I moved here, I assisted to an English-terms increasing into the Italian Language. A particular attention has to be addressed to the correct English use, because it is often wrongly used in advertising.

Translation presents two aspects: it is not just the translation of a few words, but it includes also some procedures. As you can imagine, the purchasing of a property depends on the target countries. I have the advantage of both my education and personal experiences by my side.

Which are your next programs?

I have just launched my website,, which I invite you to visit. I also have a colleague who deals with the English-Italian translations.

At the end of June, I will present a report, “What is wrong with this art-work?”, at the ARCA (Associazione per la Ricerca sui Crimini contro l’Arte) conference in Amelia.

I hope to go on working with the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group. It is a very professional and enthusiastic agency which is always looking to improve itself.

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