The Trasimeno lake and its surroundings: the charm and the mildness of an area to be lived

The Trasimeno lake and its surroundings: the charm and the mildness of an area to be lived

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Rich of fauna and flora, the Trasimeno landscape is framed by beautiful and rolling hills covered by olive groves, vineyards, woods and full of history and tradition. A perfect place, not only for your holiday, but also to be daily lived.

Being the largest of the central Italy, the Trasimeno Lake is known as the “Blue Heart of Umbria(read our article) too. Even if it is less famous than the near Tuscan valleys, the area of the Trasimeno, framed by some rolling hills which end into the lake slopes, offers a unique landscape, a charm and relaxing place really rare to see. Inhabited since the prehistoric era, the Trasimeno area has always had a great politic and strategic importance, having seen some of the major powers of the past crashing each other in battles which have remained in the history. Between them, the one of the Hannibal’s army and Roman legion, defeated here by the Carthaginians.

Today, the decision to live or invest in this territory means also to choose the tranquillity of a landscape surrounded by nature where, overlooking this beautiful body of water, some charming medieval hamlets – rich of history and tradition – stand: Castiglione Del Lago, with its castle and the medieval walls of Palazzo Ducale that, through a corridor from with it is possible to see the lake, is connected to the Rocca Del Leone; Castel Rigone, where one of the most important Umbrian Renaissance work, the shrine of Maria Santissima Dei Miracoli, stands; the little and characteristic hamlet of Monte Del Lago; Magione, a town famous both for its copper production and the Castello Dei Cavalieri Di Malta. Moreover, architectonical jewels as Passignano, Tuoro, Panicale, Paciano and Città Della Pieve act as the outline of this area, enriching it with touristic and cultural attractions.

For this reason, the Trasimeno lake and its territory are a perfect destination to enjoy a holiday in the spirit of nature, art, history and, why not, food and wine.

There are three islands in the lake (Polvese, Maggiore and Minore). Those are surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation (olive groves, holm oaks, cypresses and poplars) and represent a haven for many birds of this area, as cormorant, seagulls and pheasants. You can not miss a visit to the Maggiore and Polvese islands, which, thanks to some ferry boats, can be always reached. We remember you also that, since 1995, the Trasimeno area is a Regional Park: going through the oasis and the rushes, it will be possible to discover the delicate ecosystem of the lake or to know the secrets and the tools of the fishermen by visiting the Museo Della Pesca in San Feliciano. Trasimeno means also sports in the open air: bike rides and horse ridings, trekking, fishing, siling, kayak and kitesurf.

How to forget the food and wine products of this area. A typical and varied cuisine: starting with the fagiolina del Trasimeno, a slow food product since 2000, to the DOP extra virgin olive oil Colli Del Trasimeno, from the saffron of Città Della Pieve to the honey of the Trasimeno, from the spelt and legumes soups to the goose sauced umbricelli, from the cold cuts to the “torciglione”, a typical dessert of this area. The fish recipes do not have to be missed too: pike, smelt, eel, perch, carp – the most appreciated fish of the area – and the tegamaccio, a delicious fish soup cooked in a cotto pan.

The Trasimeno, with its DOC Colli Del Trasimeno and its IGT Umbria, boasts an important place in the Italian wine field too: from the Gamay (that, in February 2017, has obtained a prestigious price during the“Grenache du Monde“ event), Sangiovese, Pinot Nero, Ciliegiolo, Syrah reds to the Trebbiano and Grechetto whites.

Great Estate Magazine wants you to get to know this charming territory. For this reason, we have interviewed who lives it every day: the mayor of Castiglione Del Lago, Sergio Batino, who tells about his town and lake to those who still does not know it.

If you want to discover some beautiful real estate properties of the Great Estate Group in this area, visit our web site or call at our head office.

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