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In this difficult moment for Italy and for the whole world, Great Estate Group wants to make you feel its closeness with a special wish for a Happy Easter!

Easter in the world: what is its meaning?

For the Jewish religion, it means “to go beyond”, “to skip”, “to free oneself” and coincides with the liberation of the Jewish people from the Egyptian Empire through the miracle of Moses.

For Christianity, it represents the “rebirth”, “resurrection”, with the ascent of Jesus Christ to Heaven.

For many other pagan ancestral beliefs, based on the objectivity of the change of this period, the days close to Easter are those where the sun takes over the night and therefore, where the “light” wins over the “dark”.

In short, for the whole world, the Easter period is a period of light, positivity, hope, and resurrection.

Our hope, never like this year in which we celebrate Easter in such a difficult and delicate moment, is that this period can be necessary to bring to each one of us, as well as to the whole world, deep and positive messages and thoughts, with the certainty that the latter will soon become reality and all of us will be able to make a small and humble contribution to make our world a better one.

A few weeks ago, a dear friend-client of ours told us that, in his opinion, the experience we are currently living will lead intelligent and profound people to abandon a quantity-based way of life, to privilege the quality of life of all of us.

Everyone will be able to catch everything that can make their life better in the near future.
For this reason, we of the Great Estate group will always be available to help all our sellers to find the right buyer for their home and, if they wish, to buy a new and more comfortable one. In addition, we will help and support our buyers who want to improve their lives by purchasing a “home” that meets their renewed needs: we will continue to do so as always, putting our clients’ dreams first, respecting them with all our humanity and professionalism.

So what we want to communicate is a message full of hope and desire to improve.
We would like to do this by wishing you a peaceful, happy and, above all, healthy Easter:
a hope that comes from the bottom of all our hearts.

Great Estate Team

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