Val D’Orcia Group and its protagonists: the interview to Nicola Turchetti

Val D’Orcia Group and its protagonists: the interview to Nicola Turchetti

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In 2019, a new real estate project, the Val D’Orcia Group, has started. Mr. Nicola Turchetti is one of its protagonists too. Let’s get to know him better.

Hi Nicola. We know that you are working in the technical area of the real estate field since years now. Can you tell us more about that?

Indeed, during this years, I gained a very particular professional experience. I entered into the real estate market as an independent contractor surveyor in love with everything beautiful done in the Tuscan area among the towns of Cortona, Pienza and Montepulciano. This is all, very simple: meeting buyers in love with our architectonic/landscape history. They and I share a dream: bring all that “pieces” of that Tuscany which our forefathers realized with a so effort and passion back. My professional training – I am working as surveyor since about 20 years now – allowed me to create a synergy with the different professionals and locals, thanks to which I was able to learn the regulations needed to close every kind of work in a guaranteed time and at clear costs.

How long have you been knowing Great Estate Group?

The very first time I collaborated with the group was for the sale of an amazing villa in Val Di Chiana in 2010. It was a very important experience. The GE Group, characterized by its incessant will of realizing important projects for the future, and, in particular, Stefano Petri, with his tenancy and obstinacy, proved immediately to be a solid reality able to reach excellent qualitative levels.

Let’s talk now about the Val D’Orcia Group. Why did you choose to start this new challenge?

I felt honoured when I realized to have the possibility of taking part of this project and collaborating with some important Real Estate professionals. I will have the opportunity to humanely and professionally increase through the sharing of the positive energy which unites us.

Which will be your specific tasks in this new group?

Together with other professionals, I will deal with the managing of the buyers, especially the international ones. Through my experience, I will support them during the entire purchasing process of a property in Tuscany. I will also prove them that Italy is not like the one that international media often describe, so a slow, contentious and bad country.. it is, instead, an ideal place where to hide to live a dream and recharge the battery of your soul.

Val D’Orcia Group means the union of three important brands: Great Estate, Dream Tuscany and Rolling Hills. What do you expect from this new working group?

Those three names, if translated from English, perfectly sum up the ideal of Italy and Tuscany in the world. I am sure that, together, we will be able to make the Tuscan dream of many international buyers become true, allowing them so to find their property in the smooth hills of our incredible land.

Nicola, giving that you will deal with the international buyers, what do you think the Val D’Orcia Group can offer them? Why an international client who wants to purchase a prestigious property should choose this new team?

Easy, because one of the many aspects representing the “trait d’union”of this group is the fact of being deeply in love with those places. This was what, during the time, allowed us to get to know this territories well, what let us be known and appreciated by who lives here, as well as what makes people fall in love with our beautiful Tuscany. We all get involved!

Thank you Nicola.

Do not miss our next interviews to the others protagonists of the Val D’Orcia Group project: on-line soon on our Magazine.

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