Wind energy today we celebrate World Wind Day

Wind energy today we celebrate World Wind Day

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Today is Sunday 15th of June, World Wind Day with Italy having an extra reason to celebrate, as it is placed seventh in the global wind energy market. Although there was a drastic decline in investment in renewable energy last year, even so, at the end of 2013, Italy installed wind capacity of 8.6 GW, confirming its seventh position worldwide after China, USA, Germany, Spain, India and the UK.
While seeing a slowdown, Europe has continued to maintain its global leadership position with 117 GW, accounting for 37% of the total world’s capacity, compared to Asia’s 36%. World Wind Day has been promoted in Europe by EWEA, the European Wind Energy Association and GWEC, the Global Wind Energy Council, created to demonstrate how wind can not only be a clean energy but can be obtained at competitive prices worldwide. In Italy, however, the main obstacle concerns regulation, as it seems impossible to build new wind farms in many of its regions: from Sicily to Sardinia, Emilia Romagna and Marche, there are regulation standards and guidelines blocking any project of this type and the superintendents (protection officers) are increasingly blocking projects even when they are located outside of protected areas and where there are no constraints. This problem however is not unique to Italy. Although most of the celebrations will be held in Europe, this is a global festival with events in Washington in the United States, in Canberra in Australia, Tehran in Iran and Montevideo in Uruguay. In Italy today, the World Wind Day in conjunction with Anev (associazione nazionale energia del vento) will be celebrated with a conference and a lecture/concert by Nicola Piovani titled ”Tra musica e vento” (‘Between music and the wind’).

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