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The show of the light blue Argentatio sea: Villa Vista Giglio

A unique property surrounded by a luxuriant garden and overlooking the Argentario coast: we present you “Villa Vista Giglio”. Relaxing yourself at sunset while sipping a drink and making yourself be brushed by the sea breeze.. a privilege for the

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An opened window on the light blue sea of Tuscany, Casale Bellevue

In San Vincenzo, Tuscany, along the beautiful Costa Degli Etruschi, we are going to discover an amazing farmhouse overlooking the sea. What a better way to start your day than looking out the window of your bedroom and enjoying an

Porto San Giorgio noble roman origins of the Porto San Giorgio village by the sea

The history of this charming Porto San Giorgio village in the Marche region is closely linked to that of Fermo and its port, and in the Middle Ages, it was called “Portus Firmi”. The village was known in Roman times,

Project of Marina di Scarlino entrusted Great Estate Real Estate Group

A very important and unique complex of Marina di Scarlino entrusted Great Estate Real Estate Group, leader of luxury real estate market. Marina di Scarlino is a unique project offering sea-lovers a chance to live in a beautiful place, to

Why purchase a villa by the sea in Liguria

Edited by AM Liguria is perhaps the quintessential Italian Riviera that offers breathtaking views, art, history, culture and is an excellent starting point to discover the whole region. There are lots of reasons for choosing to buy a luxury villa

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