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Parquet: how to make your home warm and welcoming

Parquet: a unique material, capable of giving character and style to the rooms of your home.

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Mortgage inspections: everything you need to know, and the assistance provided by Great Estate

Mortgage inspections: why it’s important in a real estate sale and how it can be obtained.

The final deed of sale: Great Estate informs

The time to go to the Notary for the signing of the deed has come: we want to give you some important information about it.

Preliminary purchase contract: step by step assistance from Great Estate

Discover the preliminary purchase contract and the services that the Great Estate network can offer you in this regard.

Luxury homes: characteristics, regulatory framework and tax regime

Did you know that there is particular legislation regarding luxury properties? Discover with us which characteristics determine whether a property belongs to the luxury category and how Italian law applies on the matter. You have finally found the home of

Property purchase and Energy Performance Certificate: some useful information

The Energy Performance Certificate (APE): the nature and content of this document, and the related regulations on real estate sales. During a real estate sale, it is essential that the selling party, for the purpose of signing the deed (read

Multiple brokers and the right to commission: Court of Appeal ruling 2878/2018

“On the subject of mediation, when the deal has been concluded with the intervention of several mediators (whether joint or separate, contemporaneous or successive, agreed or autonomous, on the basis of the same assignment or several assignments) pursuant to Article

Agricultural pre-emption: what are the current guidelines?

A very interesting article by one of our group’s leading professionals, notary Daniele Migliori, who will provide you with valuable information on agricultural pre-emption (prelazione agraria). The “agrarian pre-emption” (prelazione agraria): a fact that presents many unknowns that should be

Travel between regions and provinces, and property visits: rules for real estate agents and clients

Real estate agencies opening, the possibility of travel from your home to reach the agency and to do property visits: discover everything you need to know about it in this article. Source: FIAIP Today, we want to give you some

Atto di provenienza: Great Estate informs

Did you decide to sell your property or to buy your dream property? Then it is important that you know everything you need to know about the title of provenance (atto di provenienza) of a property. The success of a

Corte di Cassazione judgment no. 8230/2019: how the nullity of notarial deeds of unauthorized buildings changes

Were you convinced that it was not possible to sell unauthorized properties and that this resulted in the nullity or annulment of the notarial deed?A recent judgment of the United Sections of the Italian Corte di Cassazione has changed the

News in the field of building abuses: certificato di stato legittimo and construction tolerances

Have you decided to buy a property and want to dispel any doubts about its urbanistic compliance? Do you want to sell your property and be sure that your deal will go through without running any risks related to building

Visura ipotecaria: everything you need to know and the assistance from Great Estate

Have you decided to purchase a beautiful property in the countryside or sell your villa by the sea? Do you want to be sure that the sale goes through?Then it is essential for you to have a visura ipotecaria (Property

Decreto liquidità: everything you need to know

We offer you a special in-depth look at what is actually provided for by the new measures introduced by Decree-Law no. 23 of 8 April 2020, the so-called Decreto Liquidità (Liquidity Decree). On 9 April, the so-called Liquidity Decree (Decree-Law

Professional agricultural entrepreneur (Italian I.A.P. – Imprenditore Agricolo Professionale): how to obtain the qualification and the benefits provided for by law.

Right after the first part of the special section on Professional agricultural entrepreneurs (I.A.P.), here comes the second one: how to obtain the qualification and what are the fiscal and financial benefits. To become a qualified I.A.P. and use the

Professional agricultural entrepreneur (Italian I.A.P. – Imprenditore Agricolo Professionale): qualification and criterion.

We would like to offer you a special section on this important character and on the legal framework related. Today the first piece on the qualification and on the criterion required by law.  If you have decided to buy land

2020 Stability Law: let’sdiscover all its confirmations and news

Do you know which the confirmations and news of the new Stability Law are? You can discover them by reading this special article. In force since January, 1st 2020, the new Stability Law confirms many incentives and fiscal benefits –