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Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Tullio Morandi

Today we introduce you to Eng. Tullio Morandi, head of the valuation department of the Great Estate group.

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The final deed of sale: Great Estate informs

The time to go to the Notary for the signing of the deed has come: we want to give you some important information about it.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Filippo Cori

Dr. Filippo Cori, International Property Consultant and coordinator of the consultants who manage international buyer clients of the Great Estate group.

Autumn is coming: even your home can change its colors

Exclusively for you, the precious advice of Great Estate’s professional Home Stagers to give an autumnal touch of glam to your home.

Preliminary purchase contract: step by step assistance from Great Estate

Discover the preliminary purchase contract and the services that the Great Estate network can offer you in this regard.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Barbara Medici

Dr. Barbara Medici: Italian and International Property Consultant, Manager for the Press Office of our group and the Great Stays headquarters in Orvieto.

Luxury homes: characteristics, regulatory framework and tax regime

Did you know that there is particular legislation regarding luxury properties? Discover with us which characteristics determine whether a property belongs to the luxury category and how Italian law applies on the matter. You have finally found the home of

Property purchase and Energy Performance Certificate: some useful information

The Energy Performance Certificate (APE): the nature and content of this document, and the related regulations on real estate sales. During a real estate sale, it is essential that the selling party, for the purpose of signing the deed (read

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Virginia Vaccaro

Today we will get to know better, Virginia Vaccaro, GreatMag Managing Editor of the Great Estate group. INTRODUCTION I am 30 years old and I live in a small town in the province of Siena. I graduated in 2011 from

Introducing GreatMag: the magazine dedicated to the world of prestigious real estate

Great Estate celebrates 25 years of activity with the release of a new editorial product, the Great Mag magazine.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Alice Ceccomoro

Alice Ceccomoro, international real estate consultant for over 7 years in Great Estate, tells us her personal story and her experience with the group.

The ideal home for British and Americans? We reveal all the details

Discover with us the 5 features most requested by the English-speaking buyer market for the purchase of a prestigious property in Italy. It may seem obvious, but British and American clients adore the sun, history, culture and food and wine

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Anna Marchettini

We present the head of Great Estate’s administrative department: Anna Marchettini.

Are you about to purchase the home of your dreams? Read our cost guide.

You have finally found your dream home and it’s time to purchase it. A brief guide on the various expenses to take into account.

Prepare your home for the perfect visit: Great Estate’s recommendations

We reveal 6 valuable tips to better prepare your home for visits from potential buyers.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Marianna Gaiotto

Let’s get to know Marianna Gaiotto better, a young professional of Great Estate: from the beginning as head of the group’s back office, to the management of international buyer clients.

Selling or purchasing a property with Great Estate: the best choice

The analysis conducted by REOPLA, also taken by Il Sole 24, shows that agencies sell properties in half the time compared to private individuals.