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Great Estate Multimedia Productions: Meet the team

High quality professional photographic and video services: we present the Great Estate multimedia production department.

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The certificate of legitimate status of the property and the construction tolerances

a quick and simple guide on the certificate of legitimate status of the property, a very useful document to guarantee the success of a real estate sale.

Great Estate Perugia – Via Dei Colli: the history and future of a virtuous collaboration

The story of Stefano Calafà, manager of Via Dei Colli Immobiliare, Great Estate headquarters in Perugia.

The Best Price: a continuously growing success

The system designed by Great Estate is confirmed as a guarantee of the best evaluation of a prestigious property.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Clarissa Zampolini

Introducing Clarissa Zampolini, International Property Consultant at Best Realty, partner agency of Great Estate

Great Estate awarded among the best agencies in Tuscany

The Great Estate group has been awarded as the third best real estate agency in Tuscany in the Top Agency Tuscany ranking compiled by Wikicasa.

Meet the professionals of Great Stays: Valentina Ranieri

Let’s meet Valentina Ranieri, Italian Property Consultant for Great Estate and Property Manager for Great Stays Orvieto.

Sell your property at the right price and discover all the advantages

How to get the most profit from the sale of your property? The do’s & don’ts to develop a winning positioning strategy.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Marco Venanzi

Marco Venanzi, real estate consultant for over 5 years in Great Estate, tells us about his experience with the group.

Mortgage inspections: everything you need to know, and the assistance provided by Great Estate

Mortgage inspections: why it’s important in a real estate sale and how it can be obtained.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Chiara Pompili

Let’s get to know Chiara Pompili, International Property Consultant of the Great Estate office in Cetona (SI) of the Great Estate group.

What is the right price to ask, when you decide to sell your property? Find out now.

Are you deciding to put your property up for sale? Start in the best way by identifying the right value to offer to the market.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Tullio Morandi

Today we introduce you to Eng. Tullio Morandi, head of the valuation department of the Great Estate group.

The final deed of sale: Great Estate informs

The time to go to the Notary for the signing of the deed has come: we want to give you some important information about it.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Filippo Cori

Dr. Filippo Cori, International Property Consultant and coordinator of the consultants who manage international buyer clients of the Great Estate group.

Preliminary purchase contract: step by step assistance from Great Estate

Discover the preliminary purchase contract and the services that the Great Estate network can offer you in this regard.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate: Barbara Medici

Dr. Barbara Medici: Italian and International Property Consultant, Manager for the Press Office of our group and the Great Stays headquarters in Orvieto.