The secret gardens of Umbria and Tuscany, between beauty and creativity

Let’s discover together some parks and gardens in Umbria and Tuscany where the territory and art interact, enchanting those who pass through them.

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Agrarian pre-emption and neighboring pre-emption: rights, requirements and regulations

Information guide on a very important legislative instrument both for those who intend to sell a property and for those who want to purchase.

Meet the professionals of Great Estate and Great Stays: Hariet Nijhuis

Let’s get to know Hariet Nijhuis, international consultant of Great Estate and founding partner of Great Stays.

Villages and the countryside of Umbria: slow life between well-being and sustainability

Itineraries, experiences and hospitality in harmony with nature make Umbria the most sought-after destination for sustainable tourism and slow living.

Great Estate Multimedia Productions: Meet the team

High quality professional photographic and video services: we present the Great Estate multimedia production department.

Dariusz Węglicki: my story in Italy began with Casale Montecchio

The testimony of Dariusz Węglicki, new owner of Casale Montecchio, located in the Umbrian hills of Amelia (TR).

The certificate of legitimate status of the property and the construction tolerances

a quick and simple guide on the certificate of legitimate status of the property, a very useful document to guarantee the success of a real estate sale.

Great Estate Perugia – Via Dei Colli: the history and future of a virtuous collaboration

The story of Stefano Calafà, manager of Via Dei Colli Immobiliare, Great Estate headquarters in Perugia.

The deed of origin of a property: Great Estate informs

Information guide on the deed of origin of a property, a fundamental document for the success of a real estate sale.

Do you dream of a brighter home? Tips from Great Estate

We reveal 4 precious, practical tips to make your home brighter.

Melania and Andrea: “After more than 10 years we chose Great Estate again”

A relationship of esteem and trust that has last for more than 10 years: the testimony of Melania and Andrea, loyal customers of Great Estate.

Professional agricultural entrepreneur: the benefits provided by law

The second part of our guide on I.A.P. dedicated to obtaining qualification and tax breaks.

Stone House: a sale with art in the heart

Hariet Nijhuis tells us about the sale of Stone House, a farmhouse in Sarteano, achieved thanks to the strong collaborations of the Great Estate network.

The Best Price: a continuously growing success

The system designed by Great Estate is confirmed as a guarantee of the best evaluation of a prestigious property.

The professional agricultural entrepreneur: qualifications and requirements

A useful guide to evaluate the interesting opportunity of purchasing land and agricultural businesses as a professional agricultural entrepreneur (I.A.P.), thus benefiting from advantageous tax and financial benefits.

The dream of living in the historic center of a village, told by Mr. Crawford

The testimony of Frank and Cindy Crawford who thanks to Great Estate, made their dream come true: purchasing a wonderful apartment in the historic center of Spoleto.

Great Estate sales assignments: the My Agent service

How do you know the different types of sales assignments? Find out how to enhance the value of your property and choose the best strategy.