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Giovanni Bulgari and his love for the land: “Podernuovo a Palazzone”

“With humble and by considering their characters diversity, I wanted to produce some elegant wines: their common denominator lies precisely in their elegance, harmony and respect for the environment. Grapes and land always have some specific needs which, in order

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Last spring Great Estate closed an important negotiation in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Tuscany and Italy, Monte Argentario. The seller was the famous engineer Mauro Forghieri. In March 2017, Great Estate, thanks to the Head international

Great Estate meets Professor Sabino Cassese

Today we interview Professor Sabino Cassese, authoritative exponent of the Italian political and social landscape. Last summer, thanks to Great Estate, Professor Cassese sold his farmhouse “Poggio Fiorito” to a Swedish couple. Italian jurist and academic, former Minister of Public

Interview with Tricia Guild, the Famous Interior Design Tells

Tricia Guild is a famous interior design and founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild. She is a real artist who turns her Tuscany farmhouse, into a beautiful gem rich in colour and pattern. “From UK to Italy…Why did you

Alexander Barinov, an old client of great estate discusses his innovative start up project in Italy with ilSole24ore

In 2012 the Italian government initiated a policy to increase foreign investment in Italy with the launch of the Italian Startup Visa project. This encourages the launch of new foreign companies in Italy which, in turn, brings foreign capital into

Interview with Tony Sizer, now owner of a beautiful property in Umbria

Interview with Tony Sizer, now owner of a beautiful property in Umbria bought through Great Estate Immobiliare “Where have you found the Great Estate Group? When did you have the first contact? We found The Great Estate Group when they

Forghieri, the engineer, Villa Carbonieri and F1

Villa Carbonieri could only be best described by its owner, the engineer, Mauro Forghieri, well known Italian personality from the world of Formula 1. Forghieri is best known for the design of Ferrari engines, as well as Lamborghini and Bugatti.

Interview with Claude Hildebrand.How to buy a beautiful farmhouse in Umbria

How did you find “Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group” and when did you have the first contact? I found them on the internet while I was searching for a property in south of Tuscany. Why did you choose

Tricia Guild the reason why entrust to Great Estate Group

Edited by Alessandra Conforti Tricia Guild, the famous interior design and founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild, tells us her encounter with Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Agency Group. “Tricia and Riccardo, when did you decide to sell

Interview with Duncan Niederauer the President of NYSE chose Great Estate

An interview with Duncan Niederauer, the President of the New York Stock Exchange, who has recently bought a farmhouse in Tuscany through Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group. “After living and working in New York and having chosen Italy

Interview with Mrs and Mr Shaked. How to buy a beautiful farmhouse in Tuscany

“Why did you decide to purchase a farmhouse in Italy? The dream to buy a house in Italy started many years ago. We always had a great passion for Tuscany. We travel to Italy very often and for many years.

Luca Argentero Decided To Enlist The Services of Great Estate

Alessandra Conforti Luca Argentero, famous film, theatre and TV actor, as well as a voiceover and great artist of the Italian scene, decided to enlist the services of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group. Knowing Città della Pieve because