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The Great Estate winning method

How to sell a prestigious property in the best way possible and in a very short time?Entrust yourself to the Great Estate sale strategy, based on a time-consolidated technological methodology: let’s discover the THREE “E” rule. Since years now, the

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Great Estate winning method: the “Three E”

Sell a prestigious property well and fast? Entrust yourself to Great Estate sale strategy, based on a solid and technologically advanced method: let’s find out what the “Three E” rule is. Great Estate group has been using for many years

Stefano Petri, Managing Director of Great Estate: “Let’s bet on luxury vacation rentals”

Great Estate group launches the new and exciting project of luxury vacation rentals. Stefano Petri talks about the motives behind the programme and the goals he means to achieve.   Great Estate group has always dealt with luxury vacation rentals,

Buy prestigious properties in Italy: thanks to the “flat tax”

In a previous article we talked about the flat tax: an optional lump tax introduced by the last budget law on the income of rich foreigners who want to buy prestigious properties in Italy and move their residence here after

Two days in Milan to present “The Best Price”, the new Great Estate project

“The Best Price” continues to achieve great success: the professionals of Great Estate Group have just turned back from a two-day trip to Milan where they presented the innovative project to the prominent personalities of national business. After two days

Smart Currency Exchange, London-based company, meets Great Estate through STEFANO MARINI

The negotiation between Great Estate Immobiliare and SMART CURRENCY EXCHANGE Ltd was recently closed. Stefano Marini, Co-ordinator For Marche & International Property Consultant, the Partner of the Group, has played a key role in this deal. Stefano has establish a

Smart Currency Exchange, financial London-based company, signs an important agreement with Great Estate

Smart Currency Exchange Ltd, a London-based company, leader on the Italian market that offers currency exchange service for international transactions, recently has signed an important agreement with Great Estate Immobiliare after the careful research among the various national real estate

Great Estate closes negotiations for more that 1 million Euro only in one day!

In a quiet day at the end of August, the Great Estate pulls off a few important deals for 1 Million Euro! Three negotiations were brilliantly closed in one ordinary day. Roberto Biggera, International Sales Co-ordinator, who managed the sellers

Great Estate works even on the National Holiday of Ferragosto!

Great Estate motto: never stop and always move on with great satisfaction. New property visits in the South Tuscany even on the Ferragosto holiday. Even on the day of Farragosto, having returned from the summer holidays, Stefano Petri, Managing Director

We are looking for a prestigious property in Tuscany for an important client

We are looking for a prestigious property in Tuscany for an important client interested into the province of Siena, the areas of Val D’Orcia (San Quirico D’Orcia, Montepulciano, Buonconvento, Pienza, Totona, Torrenti, Colle di Valdelsa, Monteriggioni, Belverde San Gimignano, Volterra, Certaldo, Poggibonsi,

Stefano Petri Analyses the Numbers of 2015 and Presents Projects for 2016

How was 2015 for the Great Estate real estate group Stefano Petri proudly compiled the analysis of 2015, now coming to the end, having studied the results of the group’s work and described the ways of future development. On December

The positive trend of the group: an October rich of sales for the GE head office

During our last meeting, Stefano Petri, our managing director, informed us about the most recent sales done. During October, the group closed different sales for a total value of more than 6 millions euros. Those are very important figures which

The hottest properties in April

Below we feature analysis for the month of April including up to date search data that can help us understand current price trends. Here then is a small selection of the most visited properties, the types of properties selected, the

Great Estate Group is looking for properties for German clients in the Northern part of Tuscany.

The Great Estate Group’s Network Project offers real estate agencies who want to join the Group or individual owners who would like international visibility, a single national platform. The Great Estate Group is constantly looking for new properties to offer

The Great Estate Group and chinese wine lovers.The Italian Vines speak Chinese

Over the last decade, Italy has conquered new markets thanks to the elite “Made in Italy” products which have become a favourite of new economic powers like China. Italy’s knowledge of the Chinese market in a tourism and luxury shopping

Internet, new media and the Great Estate Group:property online

These new means of communication are a very good way to publicise property on the world market. The internet today is used by many companies, including the Great Estate Group; it’s a must to succeed in the world’s largest and

Advertise your property abroad, the secrets to finding buyers

There are many foreigners who search daily online for a beautiful property to buy in Italy. How is it possible to be able to promote a property and get noticed abroad as well as on the internet when there is