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Changing the taxes on property sale  with the new stability law 2014

Edited by CA As a result of the new Stability Law, introduced on 1st January 2014, there have been various changes relating to property sales tax. In particular, the most substantial changes concerns transfers between private individuals, builders/Companies and /

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What estate agents need to know about  anti-money laundering regulations.Client signatures are essential when undertaking risk assessments and due diligence.

The Italian Legislative Decree n.231/2007 which implemented the EU directive n. 2005/60/EC has been in force for seven years now without substantial change. This legislation outlines the various anti money laundering requirements that estate agents must have. This substantiated the

European real estate market Great Expectations in 2014

Edited by GA More widespread economic growth and less political uncertainty are important factors that are helping to give optimistic expectations to the European property market. There have been large amounts of capital reinvested in Europe and loans seem to

Real Estate Agents and client consumers in agreement to resolve disputes

A joint mediation memorandum of understanding between the Consumers Association and Air Italia (association of young real estate agents), was agreed last year. This will allow for faster resolution of disputes. Relying on a real estate agent means placing the

Home Incentives: tax benefits until December 31st

Edited by Alessandra Conforti Do you want to improve your home, make it more energy efficient? buy furniture or large electrical appliances? This is the ideal time with income tax benefit savings of up to 65% available to restore, fit

Fiscal tax: The Rli form has arrived.From February 3; it will be easier to record rental and lease contracts

Edited by GG It’s now going to be easier to record leases and rental contracts in 2014 because, from 3 February, everything will be managed directly on line with the new RLI format that, among other new features, will allow

Istat: house prices are down – 5.3% in 2014 and will continue to fall

Edited by Antonio Maprosti According to the latest report published by ISTAT (The Italian Statistics Service), the month of September 2013 saw an accelerating decline in prices over the previous quarters -1.2% compared to -0.6% in August. It also shows

Fixed, Variable, or Mixed: How to Choose a Mortgage

For many people the purchase of a property is made by means of a mortgage. Choosing which one can be a dilemma, especially when it comes to choosing between fixed, variable or mixed. It is often unclear what the banks

Growth in the real estate market.20% increase in Mortgage Requests

Edited by Antonio Maprosti The real estate market during the first quarter of 2014 has seen a 20% increase in mortgage requests. It seems that, just as predicted by the experts at the end of 2013, Italians have started coming

Wind energy today we celebrate World Wind Day

Today is Sunday 15th of June, World Wind Day with Italy having an extra reason to celebrate, as it is placed seventh in the global wind energy market. Although there was a drastic decline in investment in renewable energy last

What are the criteria for a home to be to be considered luxury, when under Italian law, is a home considered “luxury”

Edited by Antonio Maprosti If your idea is to buy a beautiful prestigious farmhouse in Tuscany or a beautiful villa in Sardinia or Liguria, one of the first questions that you will probably ask yourself is whether they are considered

Fighting illegal construction.Pioneering a new satellite tracking project

AM The fight against illegal construction now has a new ally, in the form of a remote sensing satellite which is beginning to see positive results in prevention. Energy, Emergency and Smart City, were the topics discussed at the Geospatial

Land reform what will change

Edited by AM The dreaded land bill that will organise the land registry classification of real estate is here but what are the main changes? By far the most important change is that a property will no longer be classified

2014 Changes in property fiscal and tax matters

Edited by SL 2014 will be a revolutionary year for taxes on the housing front! There will be new property taxes called Tasi and Tari as well as IMU, (the old property tax) together with changes to rental payments. Let’s

TASI: INCREASE OF ALARMBut there is still uncertainty on the calculations in tax

Edited by MA The Council of Ministers has given the go ahead for the new TASI tax, which will replace IMU. This new tax is primarily for first homes while for second homes, IMU will continue. There is still a

House plan approved brief summary of the changes

Edited by AM The Chamber of Deputies has recently approved a new housing plan which includes urgent measures driven by the housing construction crisis and Italy’s hosting of Expo 2015. Here is a brief summary of the key changes; Flat

The new foreign transfers tax has been postponed.Banks will no longer apply the 20% withholding tax just yet

Edited by AM The dreaded 20% withholding tax on foreign transfers that came into force on the 1st of February has been postponed. This new tax was a great concern for the international markets. According to the banks, they would

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