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2017 Stability Law and home make-over: more than the 50% of the requests comes from the Italian northern regions

Approved on December,the 2017 Stability Law prolonged the 50% IRPEF deduction for building stock restoration and residential properties renovation investments, with a budget limit of 96.000.000€ per building unit, until December, 31st2017.Property owners, tenants, usufructuaries and bare owners will have the possibility to

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Law no. 19, February, 27th 2017: the Italian mille-proroghe decree news

With Law no. 19, February, 27th2017, the Italian mille-proroghe decree became law. So, let’s analyse the building and financial news introduced by this law: First of all, in case of new building A or B energy-class purchasing, the deadline to

Great Estate is updated with the rent to buy

The Rent to Buy is a new contract that offers to enjoy a property for a determinate period of time and then decide to buy it or not; it is the new type of negotiations governed by our legal system

So far away, yet so close: China and investment in the Italian real estate

When China entered the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2001, it prompted a rapid liberalization process that changed economies worldwide. The Chinese legal system recognizes the primacy of ethics and the law as well as the absoluteness of the collective

The revival of italian economy.Positive signs in several sectors

At the threshold of 2016 the Italian economy seems to breathe with a sigh of relief. In fact, in recent days, two important Italian entrepreneurs positively expressed about this: Massimo Moretti, the President of National Council of Italian shopping centers


  In most cases they can be submitted in advance of all invoices that have been issued but not yet paid In principle, they may be submitted in respect of all invoices that have been issued but still have to


The cost of using the advance invoice facility can vary depending on the interest rate and the transaction commission charged by the bank in question. The cost of the advance invoice is generally influenced by the interest rate on draw

Mortgages increase, while the interest rates stabilizes

The mortgages requests and their supply is increasing. This data, together with the stability of the rates, brings many Italians to purchase. Bankitalia and Abi data are very positive: in the first trimester of 2014, they prove an increase of

Taxation: a furniture bonus for the Italian modello unico

Unico 2014 through the 730 document, a news into the Italian fiscal sector. Indeed, from this year, private individuals will have the possibility to enjoy of the mini-tax for the agreed fee rentals, of the benefits increasing for those who

Lower bills with greater energy effience.Families could save 31% of their bills

Edited by Antonio Maprosti The recent findings of a regional energy audit have been presented in Milan. They are based on an energy audit campaign promoted by the Lombardy Region, the Province of Milan, Milan Anaci (The National Associations of

Tasi Latest News – First Installment now due on the 16th June

It has now been confirmed that the first installment of the new TASI tax will be due on June 16, 2014. The tax covers services, such as street lighting, that are provided by the local municipality and will be payable

New housing plan announced worth €1.6 Billion

Edited by AM The various stimulus of the new housing plan, developed by Maurizio Lupi, Minister for Infrastructure, covers initiatives to promote lower taxes on negotiated rents, strong incentives for social housing, and funding for renovations. In total €1.6 billion

How much does a mortgage cost? All the taxes of a mortgage to buy a home

There is much talk these days about mortgages, interest rates and spreads so what, in reality, are the costs that you incur if you choose to apply for a mortgage in Italy? Here to explain it in more detail is

Taxation on property deeds of sale. Clarifications by the Inland Revenue

Edited by CA Since January the 1st 2014, the tax on property deeds of sale has changed for transfers of property outside the VAT area. There are now just three registry tax rates: 2% for your first home, 9% for

Mortgage rates lowered .Benefits for Property Buyers

Edited by GG The Bank of Italy has noted that interest rates on household mortgage loans for property purchase, has gone down from 3.86% in November to 3.80% in December 2013. Rates on consumer credit loans have also gone down

Agenzia Delle Entrate – the VAT exempt properties transferring

From January, 1st2014, regarding the VAT exempt properties transferring, three are the registration duty rates: 2% for the first home, 9% for all the other real estate goods, 12%, under some determined conditions, for the rural lands and related appendants.

The property crisis eases – 73 New Skyscrapers built in 2013

2013 has been a great year for the building and construction of skyscrapers around the world with 73 being completed, less than the 81 built in 2011 (the year that holds the record for the most built). “Perhaps the slight