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The Great Estate sells a charming and picturesque townhouse in the historic centre of Orvieto

This is an interview with Great Estate agent Valter Luciani who describes the sale of the property in the historic centre of Orvieto that took place just a few days ago. “How did the sellers and buyers of the property

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An interview with Antonio Anile,tutor with Great Estate who tutored Monti real estate

We know that your tutoring of the Monti Real Estate, Great Estate’s new real estate partner has just recently ended. Can you tell us how the first month of working with Monti Real Estate has been? During the first week

Another sale of a beautiful farmhouse in the municipality of Todi for Great Estate

Today we interview Roberto Biggera who managed the buyers and Stefano Calafà who managed the sellers. “Can you tell us how long you have managed these particular clients and how did they find out about the Great Estate Group? (RB)The

Interview with Bianca Zampaloni, real estate agent for the Marche region

How long have you known Great Estate and how did you first make contact with them? I know Great Estate through my colleague, Stefano Marini, who in turn introduced me to David Parish, who was already working with Great Estate

We interviev Dr. Stefano Calafà who recently sold a beautiful farmhouse in todi  within a splendid renovated complex.

“Can you tell us the history of this small village and its restoration? The village of Antico Gelso was among the first residential complexes of this type in Umbria and it is yet to be surpassed. Its beautiful landscape, the

The Great Estate Group sells a beautiful farmhouse in Trevi, in Umbria

Yet again, the Great Estate Group has had success in selling a beautiful farmhouse in Trevi, in Umbria. We interview Ilaria Peparaio, who managed the buyers: “Ilaria, could you tell us how long you have managed these clients and from which

Great Estate sells a beautiful farmhouse in Cetona

Yet again another successful sale achieved by the Great Estate Group in the municipality of Cetona. Today, we interview Tommaso Liscaio. The property for sale is in the municipality of Cetona not far from it’s historic centre. “Can you tell

How to become a real estate agent?

It should be noted that: to become a real estate agent, you must have a high school diploma or a certificate of a regional three year vocational school like: IPSIA, ITIS or IPC. You also must attend a qualifying course

A dream castel. Chiara Pompili talks about the next major sale

One Sunday morning, on the 25th of May 2014, I met Paola, and I quickly had the impression of being in the presence of a strong and determined woman with realizing her dream. We were in Acquasparta (TR), in front

A beautiful farmhouse in Parrano, Terni is sold by the Great Estate

The solution to selling a farmhouse is to transform it into a holiday home or Bed & Breakfast. An excellent investment in the Parrano countryside. Yet again, another success for the Great Estate Group, who have sold a beautiful farmhouse

The Great Estate Group sells a beautiful	farmhouse in San Casciano dei Bagni.Interview with Elisa Biglia who oversaw the sale of the farmhouse in Tuscany.

The Great Estate Group achieved another goal by selling a beautiful farmhouse in the Siena area in Tuscany. Today we interview Elisa Biglia, who handled the sale on behalf of the sellers: “Could you tell us how the clients were

Selling a farmhouse in a restored village in the Todi countryside to Dutch clients

Great Estate offers to sell a renovated farmhouse in Todi to Dutch clients. We interview Roberto Biggera, the Group’s International Sales Co-Ordinator, who was involved in the management of the sale of the property, together with Stefano Calafà, owner of

The real estate market in the Marche (Italy)

Edited by Alessandra Conforti Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, Italian leaders in real estate, especially in Central and Northern Italy, addresses and solves issues relating to this sector thanks to the strength of its’ very professional team. Just

Selling a newly built villa to Russian clients in San Casciano dei Bagni, Tuscany

Today, we interview Roberto Biggera, the International Sales Co-Ordinator responsible for the management of the property sale, as well as supervising the sale for both the Construction Company and the buyer. “Roberto, can you tell us the type of property

The Russians buying wineries in Tuscany with great marketing and pr in this specific market.

Another sale for the Great Estate Group and this time we were able to sell a winery to Russian clients. The specialist wineries sector within the Great Estate Group was established only a few months ago (Read the article by

Selling a farmhouse in Paciano	to american clients

The Great Estate Group’s solution to selling an Umbrian farmhouse Once again, another great achievement by the Great Estate Group with the sale of a beautiful farmhouse in the municipality of Paciano. Today, we interview Giacomo Buonavita, who is responsible

Why choose sole agent – Stefano Calafà recounts a Sale

Edited by Alessandra Conforti Stefano Calafà, real estate professional who has long been with Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, tells the story of one of his latest sales. Stefano, what kind of property is it? It is a

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