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Sbid international design award premia Lithos Design

Edited by VS The prestigious “SBID International Design Award” was awarded to Lithos Design for a design dedicated to bathroom furnishing. The bathroom was designed for a residential property, in particular, for the luxury market. Luxury 2 of Lithos Design

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Zaha Hadid Architect Involved in the New Messner Museum – Carved into the Earth

Edited by Alessandra Conforti The Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid is to be involved in the new “Messner Mountain Museum”, the sixth, dedicated to rock as a habitat and the life of Rehinold Messner. It is an ambitious project that will

Le Fablier even in the kitchen

Edited by GG No longer is the ‘Le Fablier’ brand present in the bedrooms and living areas only, but in 2014, they are now furnishing all the rooms of our home by moving into the kitchen! Three new lines have

Sambonet: latest kitchen trends from the Pot to the knife: Improve the Kitchen with Design

Edited by AC Present in Homi Milan, Sambonet, is an internationally renowned brand famous for furnishing kitchens and tables. They have launched their latest, as ever, wonderful collections. This new ’12’O’clock’ collection is in beautiful grey scale, elegant and refined

An autumn garden.The 5 flowering plants that bloom in autumn

For many, autumn is a sad season when you think of the end of the summer and a return to the office. Autumn can, however, surprise you with its colours and beauty. This autumn, in particular, seems particularly enjoyable with

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