The Great Estate Group sells a “gioiello di casale” a”Piccolo Gioiello”; this is not only the name that’s on the door, but a jewel of a farmhouse on the tuscan umbrian border.

The Great Estate Group sells a “gioiello di casale” a”Piccolo Gioiello”; this is not only the name that’s on the door, but a jewel of a farmhouse on the tuscan umbrian border.

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Interview with Silvia Tarparelli, the property’s owner.

Today we interview Silvia Tarparelli who instructed the Great Estate Group to sell her beautiful farmhouse only a few days ago in the charming village of Parrano in the province of Terni in Umbria.

How did you hear about the Great Estate Group?

Through their Fabro office, which is located on the A1 motorway exit between Rome and Florence, where I often pass on the way to work. A very efficient and visible office which is easy to reach thanks to its location facing the street. It has large windows with beautiful photographs of properties for sale that immediately caught my eye. So attractive was it from the outside that, I had to go inside and was immediately struck by how friendly, helpful and knowledgeable the staff were. They demonstrated to me the efficient work that was being done in the selling of property. So well impressed was I that I decided to entrust them with our sale.

Can you tell us what it is like to have a farmhouse in UMBRIA and why would you recommend that other people make such an investment?

The Umbrian farmhouse was a fantastic dream I had as a child. I chased this dream and thanks to the cooperation, help and love of my husband I was able to make this dream a reality. I was also lucky because my husband is a talented builder and together we built it with passion, stone by stone, and therefore was built to our particular taste and size. The farmhouse was for us, our life and in part also our support, with good holiday rentals and this was very gratifying. When you grow, your needs also develop and change and our family has expanded (a beautiful little niece arrived recently) and therefore our dreams have also become bigger. We then decided to build a bigger farmhouse closer to our needs now. To realize this, we are, reluctantly selling this smaller but precious, ‘il piccolo gioiello’ ( the little jewel ) as our Great Estate agent, Valter always called it.

We know that you completed the sale of this beautiful farmhouse through the Great Estate Group only a few days ago. What is your opinion on the advice given to you by the group?

Definitely positive, the group, thanks to the numerous and efficient agents, managed to bring many clients to the house of which two loved it. It was unfortunate that the first client was not able to complete the deal and for this we were sorry. The second was more fortunate and after waiting patiently for the situation to evolve, the sale was concluded with great satisfaction.

Do you believe that the tools that the group offers are up-to-date with the current market?

Definitely yes, the group has great advertising tools with national and international networks that reach clients; this is then reflected in actual weekly viewings. We also had an excellent photo shoot with the talented Silvia who illustrated the farmhouse and garden in its entire splendor. Great work was done by international agents such as Roberto and Suzanne with results. Valter gave us extraordinary advice, he was dedicated, passionate, committed, had perseverance and optimism as well as a bit of imagination that set him apart in his way of presenting and displaying properties.

Would you recommend our Group to other sellers and if so, why?

I would wholeheartedly advise other sellers to sell through the Great Estate Group because I was able to see the difference in quality and professionalism. I do not try and hide the fact that I had tried to sell with other agencies but no one else was able to carry out so many viewings and above all sell my farmhouse.

Could you tell us in a few words your overall experience with the Great Estate Group?

Very positive. The group is growing and developing and our experience has certainly taught us that you should never give up and abandon your hopes. I can say that for me it was a professional experience of a great group with a great human touch, especially those who advised and supported us with patience and their time. This was primarily done by Valter with optimism and passion that gave us hope and certainty that the buyer will fall in love with our property as Valter had said, this farmhouse is like a precious stone, it is a small but great jewel.

Edited by Valter Luciani and translated by Tanya Pia Starrett

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