“Casale San Giorgio”: nature, history and luxury meet in Todi

“Casale San Giorgio”: nature, history and luxury meet in Todi

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In the splendid area that surrounds Todi, we find this magnificent farmhouse, a perfect mix of antique details and luxury finishing.


The area that embraces the historical town of Todi is undoubtedly one of the most magical locations in Umbria. That’s exactly within this splendid atmosphere, that we find “Casale San Giorgio”, typical residence in which antique architectural details, sophisticated materials and prestigious finishing blend together to create an evocative mansion.

“Casale San Giorgio” is located just a few kilometres away from Todi, also known as “the most liveable city in the world”. This medieval town is the birthplace of the Italian religious and poet Jacopone da Todi and boasts an extraordinarily beautiful historical centre, perfectly maintaining the traces of the ages that crossed it, from the Etruscan to the Romans, up until the Renaissance.

Todi also means untouched nature and splendid countryside, made of woods and unexpected panoramic glimpses..And these glimpses are exactly the view you could admire from “Casale San Giorgio”. This charming house has been carefully restored, maintaining the antique historical details: the original and authentic stones, tangible evidence of the past time, cover not only the external walls, but also the ones in the large and cosy living areas, which are so bright thanks to their ceilings made of pickled wooden beams and their large windows.

You could relax your senses while admiring the charming panorama, or spend pleasant moments while walking in the splendid park of the farmhouse, immersed among olive trees, or chilling in the marvellous panoramic swimming pool.

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