Cookie Policy

This information is intended to illustrate the software tools, using cookies, adopted on this site; we use these tools to make our site work better and to analyze traffic.
What are cookies and what are they used for
The cookie is a small packet of data, generated and managed directly by your browser, following instructions received from the website’s webserver and / or the code on the page visited, and stored in its device, in order to store useful information later; some have a limited duration for a single browsing session (c.d. session cookies) while others have a set date and therefore remain until expiry (c.d. persistent cookies).
Types of cookies
There are different types and possible classifications of cookies; to learn more, we invite you to visit the dedicated page on Wikipedia; for the purposes of this statement, also with reference to the provision of the Control Authority concerning the identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies, we highlight two particular categories: technical cookies and cookies profiling.
Cookies technicians are those strictly necessary for the functioning of the platform, are normally generated directly from the website, and can be installed without the prior consent of the user.
Profiling cookies are used to create user profiles, to advertise based on your preferences or to perform special functions that interact with third-party tools and sites; they need user consent.
First of all, we inform you that you can set your browser to not use cookies, be they first or third parties, following one of the various guides available on InterNet; we would like to point out that disabling cookies could compromise the functionality of our site, in whole or in part.
Currently we only use tools that generate technical cookies; for this reason it is not necessary to display the information banner or obtain consent, but only to present this information page.
List of tools using cookies on the site
Language setting
The webserver uses the pll_language technical cookie to manage the configuration and user preferences relating to the selection of the language used.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a Web Analytics service, provided by Google, which allows you to analyze detailed statistics on visitors to our website; the anonymization function has been set, which makes it comparable to a technical cookie. Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Go to the official website for more information.
Additional information on cookies
In case of doubt, you can send us any request or exercise your rights, as per our privacy policy, simply by sending an e-mail to or by contacting our personal data protection manager directly at his address
Data controller
The data controller is Great Estate Immobiliare s.r.l. with registered office in Palazzone – Via Piana, 15 – 53040, San Casciano dei Bagni – Siena – ITALY.

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