Dariusz Węglicki: my story in Italy began with Casale Montecchio

Dariusz Węglicki: my story in Italy began with Casale Montecchio

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The testimony of Dariusz Węglicki, new owner of Casale Montecchio, a splendid property located in the Umbrian hills of Amelia (TR).

The interview tells the story of Dariusz Węglicki who, thanks to the support and professionalism of International Great Estate consultant Loretta Lucaroni, from the Montepulciano office (Best Realty), purchased Casale Montecchio, a charming residence surrounded by the green countryside of Amelia.

Dariusz is from Poland and has worked in the real estate industry for many years. He was looking for a property in Italy through various agencies, including Great Estate.

“Great Estate was one of those who offered me the best properties.”

Dariusz’s dream came true thanks to the precious collaboration of consultant Loretta Lucaroni, who immediately was able to understand and promptly respond to his needs.

Again quoting Dariusz’s words:

“Loretta was the first agent to understand what I was looking for. I am very happy that I met her and that she supported me. Without someone so competent, I would not have been able to manage the sale.”

Dariusz welcomed us to his wonderful Umbrian property to share his experience with Great Estate.

The interview:

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