Great Estate develops the touristic rental market

Great Estate develops the touristic rental market

Great Estate Network , Great Estate World Jan 09, 2014 No Comments
The real estate group Great Estate – Chesterton is going to offer to its international clients the possibility to rent some incredible properties too.

After many years of doubts and combated choices, the group decided that it is now the time to start this further initiative. It will allow our clients to enjoy of beautiful properties for their holidays. This project derives from the need of give a response to all those clients who, while looking for their Italian home, ask us for a place where to spend their holidays too. This on-going project is done in cooperation with VERDIDEA group, managed by Ms. Nicoletta Innocenti, a specialist with who GE and Chesterton has been working with from years now. A bases sharing between the two agencies created the will of this project, which will be active from April 2014 and with a specific website.

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