Great Estate Perugia – Via Dei Colli: the history and future of a virtuous collaboration

Great Estate Perugia – Via Dei Colli: the history and future of a virtuous collaboration

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The story of Stefano Calafà, manager of Via Dei Colli Immobiliare, Great Estate headquarters in Perugia.


Having operated for years in the sector of buying and selling prestigious properties in the countryside in central Italy, and dealing mainly with international buyer clients, as the owner of Via Dei Colli I have had the opportunity to get to know almost all the main real estate agencies operating in Umbria, Tuscany and Marche, collaborating in the search for properties suitable for the specific requests of the possible buyers I followed. this also happened for Great Estate.
Right from the start, I was able to appreciate the high standards of the group in terms of ethics, professional skills, knowledge of the area, quality of the properties offered, working method and IT support systems.
The meeting with Stefano Petri in 2012 was the opportunity to plan the entry of Via dei Colli into the Great Estate group as a partner, which formally took place in 2013.

Since then, our collaboration has become increasingly stronger.


Over the last 10 years, Via dei Colli’s turnover has substantially doubled.
With the commercial strength of Great Estate behind us, our agency was able to concentrate on its specific mission: to operate as a Property Finder for a typical international buyer clientele, without wasting resources and energy in the promotion and advertizing of properties.

Through Great Estate’s promotional and communication activity, the professionals who work in the Via Dei Colli office have the opportunity to be put in contact with 10-15 new purchasing clients every month.


The main project for 2024 is to open a prestigious Great Estate office in the historic center of Perugia; the office will serve as a multi-service hub, with the presence of various external professionals, offering itself as a showcase for the group in the regional and tourist capital of Umbria, which is experiencing a great rise in terms of international visibility and visitors in recent years.

Via Dei Colli is an integral and central part of the project.

The new office in Perugia will be the place where the buyer or seller, Italian or international, will have access to a multitude of services: in addition to being able to rely on an excellent real estate agency for the search for purchase and sale of prestigious homes, you will in fact also be able to take advantage of the short-term rental and tourist rental services provided by Great Stays, access advice from our legal, fiscal and technical partners, or experiment with experiences linked to the area and guided excursions.

The professionals who will support me in this new adventure are:

  • Susanna Felicioni, who primarily manages Italian and international buyer clients
  • Francesco Socciarello, mainly active in targeted property searches and real estate valorization, also through photos and videos
  • Gregorio Badessi, real estate agent and project manager on restoration, renovation and resurfacing of outdoor areas

Would you like to meet all the professionals of the Great Estate group?

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