Great Estate sells a beautiful farmhouse in Cetona

Great Estate sells a beautiful farmhouse in Cetona

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Yet again another successful sale achieved by the Great Estate Group in the municipality of Cetona. Today, we interview Tommaso Liscaio.

The property for sale is in the municipality of Cetona not far from it’s historic centre.

Can you tell us how long you have liaised with the clients and how they first made contact with you and the Great Estate Group?

The clients contacted me through our website and quickly found the graphics very interesting, leading them to make a specific request immediately for a farmhouse between Tuscany and Umbria that required renovation.

I quickly chose a selection of properties for sale for them in the first email as the buyers only had a limited time.

We saw several properties in one day that had all the necessary requirements that were agreed by email beforehand.

A lot of work is carried out on behalf of international clients by the Great Estate Group, what do you think are the reasons behind this exposure and subsequent success?

This international exposure is certainly due to the large investment made by the Great Estate Group into the advertising industry, coupled with the desire to improve the website’s graphics as much as possible.

In my view, much of the work has been simplified by the Group’s effective communication and professionalism.

You sold the farmhouse to Italians. Why do you think they chose to buy this farmhouse in Cetona in Tuscany?

The reasons that led to the buyers’ purchasing this farmhouse in Cetona was its price, which was in line with the current market value, the proximity to Cetona’s historic centre as well as the property’s access which is in excellent condition and easy to reach.

For all these reasons, the decision thus taken was with great ease; in fact in only a few days we were able to conclude the negotiation, in the best way possible.

How would you describe the collaboration with Chiara Pompili who managed the sellers?

Chiara was really a big help, as she made herself available always as well as being precise and punctual.

Much of the success is down to the excellent work carried out during the acquisition of the property by the real estate agents. All the property’s relevant documents were on file already which meant that the proposed purchase offer could be drafted relatively quickly, which was then accepted enthusiastically by both parties.

What would you say to those who cannot sell their property in central Italy?

Personally I think it’s very important to sell with a prestigious real estate agency like the Great Estate Group because it allows for a lot of international exposure and they also have a very extensive knowledge of the area.

In a difficult time like this I think a team that can work together as well as with others can give a little something extra.

I hope that individualism gives way to collectivism, in order to have a much more uniform and streamlined real estate market.

Edited by Tommaso Liscaio and translated by Tanya Pia Starrett


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