Home Incentives: tax benefits until December 31st

Home Incentives: tax benefits until December 31st

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Do you want to improve your home, make it more energy efficient? buy furniture or large electrical appliances? This is the ideal time with income tax benefit savings of up to 65% available to restore, fit anti seismic systems and upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, provided they are on buildings or parts of buildings that are already built. There is also a tax incentive for the purchase of furniture and large electrical goods of energy class no lower than A +. These incentives run from 6 June and 31 December 2013. These tax benefits are to be divided into ten equal annual installments and apply as follows:
• 55 % of the costs incurred up to June 5, 2013
• 65 % of the costs incurred from 6 June 2013 to 31 December 2013 for work on individual units
• 65 % of the costs incurred from 6 June 2013 to 30 June 2014, if the work is carried out on the common parts of the condominium buildings, or if it relates to all housing units that make up the single property.
For more information, to find out how to apply for grants or to find out how much money you could save, visit www.casa.governo.it website.

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