Mortgages – the request is still increasing

Mortgages – the request is still increasing

Press Office Nov 25, 2015 No Comments

According to the Crif (centrale rischi finanziari) data, the positive trend regarding the loans requests is still increasing. Indeed, compared to 2014, October 2015 saw an important growth of the credit requests aimed to the purchasing of a home: mortgages + 42,5%, dedicated loans + 17,8%, personal loans – 7,2%.

The online Osservatorio Dei Mutui analysed the age of those who requested the credits too: in 2015, the 35-44 one prevailed with the 37,4%, followed by 25-34 (24,6%) and 45-54 (23%). A few are the young people who own the requisites needed to ask for a mortgage: the under 25 request total amount is of 1,9%. The financing duration formula preferred by the Italians is the one of 15-20 years, with a share of about the 24,2% of the total, followed by the 20-30 years mortgages (21,3%).

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