Organic farm and its characteristics

Organic farm and its characteristics

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To be recognized an organic farm must meet a lot of rigid requirements. Organic farming and livestock of cattle are two important aspects of modern food production that were significantly established at Expo2015 in Milan.

An important aspect of concern is the possibility of finding forage for animals in the area where they live. The very important thing for an organic farm to be recognized is the availability of sufficient arable land for the production of organic feed and grasses for animals to breed.

Farms of considerable extensions that offer the opportunity to meet all biological needs of cattle and pigs herds are not so many in Italy. Even the production of animal feed must follow the European directives for the production of organic products in conjunction with the maintenance of natural living conditions as in farming estate in Maremma, Grosseto.

La Tenuta Maremma is a multipurpose agricultural agency that was recognized as an organic farm in 2003 and is currently for sale at 30 million Euros.

This real estate covers a total area of 487ha, divided into arable land for the production of fodder, about 175ha, forest, about 300ha, 20 hectares of which is Alto Fusto, 280 ha – Coppice cutting, 10 ha with thousand plants of olive grove and a vineyard covering 2.7 ha with Sangiovese and Merlot.

Agricultural activities are currently focused on the cultivation of cereals and herbs with the main purpose of self-production for cattle feeding, thus optimizing the internal activity of cattle breeding (Maremmana breed) and pigs (mainly Cinta Senese) and, therefore, following the European parameters for organic farms.

Breeding thanks to the recent installation of special premises for storing and processing of meat and related equipment which could certainly be expended in order to resale products on outside market guarantees the healthy conditions and space for animals.

All agricultural land, arable and forest (coppice), were completely fenced: in 2009 the whole farm was the subject of land improvements such as construction of fences with wooden poles and five sections of barbed wire.

The land can also be irrigated with the help of two separate wells and underground pipes.

The existing agricultural volumes are represented by two large farm sheds (tot. 5500 sqm) used for keeping agricultural equipment.

There is also a special area with a complex of agricultural / zoo technical buildings presented by a huge amount of stables for horses and cattle sheds: a barn / a stable for cattle (720 sqm), a wooden-framed stable with an iron load-bearing structure (290 sqm), a covered rod (315 sqm) to train and tame horses and six huts paddock (110 sqm) with wooden fences.

This area has a permission to be used as a real horse manege, and for relative purposes: hourly horse-riding lessons, walking and mini trekking around the territory, training and taming, board service for horses.

La Tenuta Maremma besides livestock activity has a potential for opening a luxurious tourist accommodation and spa-center.

Tenuta Maremma – Codice rsge002452 – Prezzo € 30.000.000
Organic livestock production and investment potential of the country.

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