Expo 2021: Gio Bressana and Great Estate for a new vision of Real Estate

Expo 2021: Gio Bressana and Great Estate for a new vision of Real Estate

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Elisa Biglia, the International Consultant responsible for the Great Estate headquarters in Porto Santo Stefano, and the world-famous artist Giò Bressana are in Dubai for Expo 2021. A synergy of vision and intent between Great Estate and the artist to help people to live in their dream home

The Dubai Expo opened its doors on 1 October 2021 and is scheduled to close on 31 March 2022, with an estimated flow of 25 million visitors. With over more than 400 hectares the universal exhibition will host 192 countries, celebrating the event’s theme–connecting minds and creating the future. The Brescian artist Giovanni “Giò” Bressana, an expert of innovative interior design represents the beauty and ingenuity of Italy.

A man whose creative talents have been requested by royal houses, luxury hotels, fashion houses, architects and billionaires, Giò Bressana brought his “Project Michelangelo” to Dubai: a live performance in which he paints a dome in real time, allowing visitors to witness the birth of a painting. This event took place on 12 October in the Dubai Design District.

Giò Bressana and his immersive art also faced another challenge: Room 1884.
In collaboration with architect Enrico Valentino an exciting showroom was opened inside the Design District of Dubai, aimed at involving guests in the ‘Immersive Art project. This is one of Bressana’s greatest feats, working towards a unique experience, while exposing the three-dimensionality of interior creations: involving both the guest and the artist/ and the art itself in an emotional environment/context.

The vision of Giò Bressana, a new Italian brand of world lifestyle – combined with the founding values and the Great Estate approach –  brings new meaning or definition to Real Estate whereby innovation and professionalism blend with customer care and superior, innovative services offered to a select international and national clientele.

Elisa Biglia, International Consultant responsible for the Great Estate office in Porto Santo Stefano, represented our network in this international event, and is an ideal partner in the selling and research of prestigious properties in Italy.

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