Barbara Medici: “Seeing my customers’ eyes shine was the greatest satisfaction”

Barbara Medici: “Seeing my customers’ eyes shine was the greatest satisfaction”

Great Estate Network Sep 17, 2021 2 Comments
A few days ago we told you about the “flash” sale of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto”, carried out by the couple, in business as well as in life, formed by Marco Venanzi (the sellers’ consultant) and Barbara Medici (the buyers’ consultant). Barbara’s story.

The new owners of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto” are a young Italian couple who, after having lived on the outskirts of the city, chose to return to live in its historic centre: a circumstance that is occurring with increasing frequency during this 2021.

The clients were looking for a first home in a good, bright, central, and possibly scenic location and noticed the property advertised on

They then registered on the GE website and were able to see the Virtual Tour created for the flat. They contacted us shortly afterwards. A request that, as I’m sure Marco has already told you, arrived just 2 days after the ad was published.

Within a couple of days, we had arranged the inspection.
The clients had already looked at the photos and the Virtual Tour of the flat with great care, and they were already hooked: when they saw “Il Cuore Di Orvieto” in person … it was confirmed.

In fact, they really liked the house because of its interior layout, its brightness, and quietness, as well as its unique view over the city.

As soon as possible, customers will move into their new home, to enjoy once again the slow life of a magnificent historic centre like Orvieto.

As far as the negotiations are concerned, I am very pleased to say that everything went very quickly! In fact, as I told you, once we received the customer’s request, we organised the inspection at “Il Cuore Di Orvieto” within two days.

After the visit, they decided to make an initial offer to buy the property. Then, after a slight adjustment of the price and the definition of a few points, the seller accepted the proposal!

Seeing my clients’ eyes shine as soon as they crossed the threshold of the flat, was the greatest satisfaction for me. Being there and participating with them in the joy of being able to say “that’s her, my home!” is really the best result!

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Marianna Gaiotto

International Sales Consultant - Great Estate Network


  1. Carolynn Campbell

    Ciao Signora Medici,
    So che tu stia in Umbria ma mi chiedo se la tua azienda ha dei agenti in Trieste, Salerno o Sanremo. Mio marito e un cittadino italiano, ma al momento abitiamo a Canada. Arriviamo in Italia il 14 guigno. Cerco un agente per sostenere gli acquirenti,in quel caso,noi. L’ultima volta che abbiamo guardato, trovavamo solo agenti per i venditori.

    • Virginia Vaccaro

      Good morning Mrs. Campbell,
      thank you for writing to us.
      Our team of agents works mainly in central Italy (Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Marche).
      We will contact you to further examine the criteria of your search.
      Best regards,
      The Great Estate Team

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