The flash sale of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto”: our interview with Marco Venanzi

The flash sale of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto”: our interview with Marco Venanzi

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After the sale of “Il Nido Etrusco”, Great Estate’s Orvieto office has made another sale in the city’s historic centre, that of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto”. It was a very quick sale, as it was signed just two days after the property was entered on the market.
The interview with Marco Venanzi, consultant to the sellers.

Despite the global pandemic, the buyer market, both national and international, continues to show a keen interest in Orvieto, its historic centre, and the beautiful countryside surrounding the Umbrian city.
This is also demonstrated by the official sale at the end of July of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto”, a lovely flat located in the historic centre of the city.

This “flash” sale (you’ll understand why later) follows closely on the heels of that of another little gem set within Orvieto’s ancient walls, “Il Nido Etrusco” (read our article here).

Il Cuore Di Orvieto” is located on the third floor of an ancient building situated along the main street of the city centre, in the immediate vicinity of the point where the cardo and decumanus of the Rupe di Orvieto meet.
This apartment is characterised by its particular brightness, quietness and excellent exposure, as well as by the extraordinary views that each of its windows can offer: from the main monuments and architectural symbols of Orvieto’s historical centre to the landscapes that surround it.

On 29 July this lovely apartment was officially sold to an Italian couple managed by the consultant Barbara Medici. Supporting the seller was the other GE consultant from our Orvieto office, Marco Venanzi.
We interviewed him.

– Welcome Marco! Can you tell us the circumstances under which you met the vendor customers?

The seller, an Italian, came to our office in Orvieto through personal acquaintances, asking for help in selling his apartment. The property, after having been rented for a certain period, had not been used for some time, and had already been on sale for 4 years with 3 other agencies, at a price of 245,000 euro.

After talking to the client, explaining the Great Estate working methodology and the results achieved by our group over time, the client decided to entrust us with an exclusive assignment and share a Silver marketing plan.

– Excellent Marco. What do you think are the peculiarities of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto”?

There are several: the absolute centrality, since it is located right along the main street of the city of Orvieto, Corso Cavour; the great brightness, the view of the main monuments of the city, and the great tranquillity – in fact, the house is very quiet -.

– What can you tell us about the valuation of the property and the sales strategies adopted for it?

After processing the valuation of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto” with our TBP tool and submitting it to our valuation department, I met with the owner and explained the valuation report to him point by point.

He was very receptive and understood both the validity and the effectiveness of our internal software.
I clearly explained that the price requested for the flat up to that moment, 245,000 euros, did not reflect its current market value: being able to count on T.B.P. to draw up a correct valuation analysis is essential for the correct positioning of a property on the property market.

Once this fundamental aspect was shared, we defined the correct sales and positioning strategy, as well as a Home Staging intervention, which was carried out to present the house in the best possible way. Afterward, the professional photoshoot was carried out, together with the Virtual Tour.

– Can you tell me briefly how the negotiations took place?

The negotiation was swift, smooth, and unhindered, thanks to the solid basis on which it was founded:

an offer in line with the asking price, as well as the excellent presentation of the property. Two aspects that allowed the buyer to immediately perceive the value of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto”.

This is why I am absolutely satisfied with the result we have achieved!

Immediately after the publication of the property on the Great Estate website and on national and international portals, many contacts and requests to visit arrived and, after only 3 days, the best purchase offer, presented by a young couple from Orvieto, was received …

… but Barbara will tell you all about it!

Keep following the GE magazine! Thanks to the story of the buyer’s consultant Barbara Medici, you will soon discover other interesting details about the “flash” sale of “Il Cuore Di Orvieto”.

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