First, important sale for Great Estate Orvieto: “Il Nido Etrusco”

First, important sale for Great Estate Orvieto: “Il Nido Etrusco”

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On 28 June, our Orvieto office celebrated its first major sale: the enchanting flat known as ‘Il Nido Etrusco’, located in the historic centre of the fascinating Umbrian city.

A great little treasure is hidden in the medieval heart of Orvieto: it is “Il Nido Etrusco”, an enchanting apartment particularly well cared for and finished, with some peculiarities that make it truly unique! I am referring in particular to its suggestive cellar: of Etruscan origin, this area houses a fabulous wellness area with a Jacuzzi and sauna. An enchanted environment which is made even more fascinating by the special lighting.

This Umbrian gem was officially sold to an Italian client on 28 June.
This is the first major success of the Great Estate Group’s Orvietan office, which opened its doors to the public last February. In particular, this sale bears the signature of Barbara Medici, the consultant who managed both the buyer and seller sides.

A great satisfaction for Barbara and for our whole group: in fact, “Il Nido Etrusco” was sold in little more than twenty days from its insertion in the advertising circuits and after the property had been acquired with an exclusive assignment shared with silver marketing plan, at a price perfectly in line with the value released by our powerful tool The Best Price.

Barbara told us how she handled the seller.

The seller was one of the first clients to walk through the doors of our new Great Estate office in Orvieto last February: Mr. Vincenzo Lodato, an American living in Italy, specifically in Florence.

He had purchased “Il Nido Etrusco” in 2010, already renovated and with a few elements to be completed, such as the choice of the Jacuzzi in the SPA. He used to use his flat only occasionally: furnished and much loved, it was perfect for spending short periods of time in Orvieto during the year.

In my opinion, “Il Nido Etrusco” is certainly an absolutely unique property: perfectly restored with modern and high-level finishes; moreover, the spa, built in the ancient Etruscan cellar, is undoubtedly a great added value.

The decision to sell “Il Nido Etrusco” arose in Mr. Lodato because, although he loved and still loves the flat very much, his working life takes place in Florence, with the consequent impossibility of fully enjoying the Orvieto property. In this regard, I remember that, since our first conversations, Mr. Lodato told us that he would have liked his flat to be bought by a client who loved the house and wanted to live in it, rather than put it to income.

As I said, Lodato contacted us directly last February, telling us about his property, which, I should point out, had already been on sale for about two years with four other agencies. Having realised that this was a very interesting property, we set about our usual business, starting with the valuation of the property.

Once it had been drafted using our tool The Best Price, I first sent it to the client by email and then we organised a video call on Zoom to discuss this aspect.

During the discussion, Mr. Lodato asked us a few questions about the different marketing options for his property and specific strategies for advertising it, so that he could better understand the benefits he could gain from using Great Estate!

The next day he sent us the signed copy of our shared exclusive mandate, with a silver marketing plan!

Returning to the valuation of the property, the client immediately accepted my valuation, as he fully agreed with the value released by our T.B.P., which was € 160,000.

Once the mandate was formalised, I made two amateur videos of the property: one dedicated to the living spaces and the SPA area in the grotto, the other to the sleeping area.

Then, as of 12 March, “l Nido Etrusco” was put up for advertising at € 175,000 and, just twenty days later, found its new owner!

In fact, on 24 March, the client buyer viewed the apartment and immediately fell in love with it (read here the interview with Barbara on the management of the client who bought “Il Nido Etrusco”), so much so that the following day he decided to submit a purchase proposal for an amount very close to the advertising price, a proposal that the seller accepted with pleasure.

So … a very quick negotiation and a very satisfactory sale, the first for the G.E. head office in Orvieto, which demonstrates once again how important objectives can be achieved by following a precise and structured method put into practice by a strong and coordinated organisation!

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