The sale of “Il Nido Etrusco”: the interview with consultant Barbara Medici

The sale of “Il Nido Etrusco”: the interview with consultant Barbara Medici

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Last June Great Estate’s Orvieto office sealed its first sale, that of “Il Nido Etrusco”, purchased by an Italian client. Today Barbara Medici, the GE consultant who managed both the seller and the buyer sides, reveals some details about the latter.

– Welcome Barbara, and congratulations on the sale of “Il Nido Etrusco”, the first to be made by our Orvieto office: certainly the first of a long series!
First of all, would you like to tell us who the new owner of this charming flat is and how you met him?

Of course! The client who bought “Il Nido Etrusco” is a citizen of Orvieto who was looking for a first home for himself.
He saw the flat advertised on the portal:

he was immediately very impressed, finding the property unique.

After that, he contacted me by phone and told me that he absolutely wanted to see it because, as I said, it had immediately struck him and won him over. So I organised the visit.

I must confess that for the client … it was love at first sight!

He was pleasantly surprised by the fascinating renovation of the flat and the rationality of its spaces. The SPA in the old wine cellar was certainly the icing on the cake. As soon as he can, he will move into his new home.

– Excellent Barbara. Let’s come to the negotiation: what can you tell us about it?

It was a very quick negotiation that lasted only a few days.

I took the client to see “Il Nido Etrusco” on 24 March. I remember that, as soon as he entered the apartment, he really appreciated the style and layout, telling me that the property perfectly reflected what he had seen in our photoshoot.

Then, once the inspection was over and we left the flat, he immediately told me that it had immediately entered his heart and that he wanted to “stop it”. So we went to the agency to gather all the necessary information and data.
The next day, 25 March, the buyer came to sign the purchase proposal that I had prepared, and on 27 March it was accepted by the seller!

– Barbara, the sale of “Il Nido Etrusco” was the first one made by the GE office in Orvieto which, I recall, opened its doors to the public last February. A great satisfaction!

I would say so! Just very satisfied and for various reasons!

As I have already told you in the article dedicated to the management of the selling part (read it here), “Il Nido Etrusco” officially went into advertising on 12 March and after only 15 days it was sold!

In fact, on 27 March, the seller accepted the purchase offer submitted by the buyer who had practically fallen in love with the flat right away.

This was exactly what the seller wanted to happen: he strongly wanted the house to be bought by someone who had loved and lived in it just like him!

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