Home Staging: a winning strategy to sell your home

Home Staging: a winning strategy to sell your home

Press Office Feb 18, 2020 2 Comments
Among the exclusive services for the vendors offered by Great Estate, the Home Staging stands too: a true marketing tool that, by relying on the emotional aspect of the purchase, allows to reach the sale of a property in the best way and in the minor time possible.

According to Gerald Zaltman, a Harvard Business School professor, 95% of the decisions aimed to the purchase are taken innocuously, so they are based on emotions. This brings us to an important conclusion: emotions play a fundamental role in the sale process.

In one of our articles of 2019, we have already told you about the Home Staging by intending it as the art of staging the properties for sale: a real estate marketing strategy that works because relying on the emotional part of the purchase.

Indeed, the property is staged in order to obtain a true “WOW EFFECT” on the buyer!

When you are selling your property, you are not just selling a property but a whole lifestyle.

You only have one shot to make a good first impression: Home Staging means using this chance at the best!

Among the real estate marketing tools and strategies, Home Staging is proving – year by year, sale by sale – its power, efficiency, and character. The reasons?

  • It relies on emotions and makes the properties for sale be more attracting;
  • It attracts more people because of the emotional power of the images;
  • It helps to reduce the timings of the sale and to defend the property price.

The correct and attractive presentation of a property for sale is fundamental to reach the best result possible, both by a price and timing points of view. Indeed, national and international statistic studies prove that the properties where a Home Staging service has been realized –  before their introduction on the real estate market –  obtain a shorter sale timing, while their price discounts percentages remain very low.

In an even more smart and competitive market, the valorisation of a property makes the same emerge and increase its own appeal on the web. This brings to an increase of the potential buyers too and, as a consequence, of the property visits. During these visits, the staging planned by the professional Home Stager will be able to catch the attention of a client and make him/her feel some important emotions.

In these last years, the request of “more beautiful homes” has been having constant growth: so, preparing, staging and valorising the properties for a quicker and more profitable positioning on the market perfectly matches this need.

Today, about 77% of those who want to purchase a property address themselves to the Internet: here, the images of the properties are the first element “speaking”. And so, through some “ad hoc” interventions, the professional Home Stager intervenes into the property presentation. After that, a professional photo-shooting is included too. Once entered into the many real estate portals, it will be able to catch the attention of the potential buyers, allowing so the vendor to reach the objective sale.

Would you like to sell your property in the best way and in the minor time possible? Entrust yourself to Great Estate and its exclusive services for the sale as the Home Staging. Contact our head office to obtain more information about it.

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