New marketing tool: the Home Staging

New marketing tool: the Home Staging

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It represents a real estate experienced marketing and promotion strategy: this is Home Staging. Let’s discover it.

Constantly used and improved, the Home Staging has been created in US about thirty years ago. Indeed, being this tool able to promote a property ad hoc for a high-examined target clientele, its entrance on the market only happens after a Home Staging intervention.

So, to this day, the present and the future of the Italian real estate market can no more quit apart from the Home Staging use – a real estate promoting technique, that can be integrated to other marketing tools proposed by other real estate agencies – out of consideration.

Results confirm it: the Home Staging is able to shorten the dwelling time of a property on the market till a 70%.


In order to make a property more interesting for potential buyers, to improve its image and making it more competitive on the market, the Home Stager’s task is the one of standing all the property potentialities out.

Both through the property advertisement and by involving all the senses and giving coherence to what you have already seen on the web during the clients’ visits, the Home Staging is able to create an efficient emotional impression.

The Home Staging works are not structural, they are just planning and staging actions tailored for a given target clientele. To be more precise, the steps are the following:

  • Evaluation visit;
  • Creation of the project;
  • Temporary staging of the property;
  • Professional photo-shooting.

Now, the property is ready for the market.


  • By working on the property presentation through focused and many emotional details staging, the Home Staging meets the demand of “more beautiful houses”.
  • It offers a professional photo-shooting which is able to catch the attention of the potential buyers in every portal: not less than the 77% of them first addressed itself to internet, where the property images are the one speaking.

Today, Home Staging is the main real estate selling and promoting vehicle 


A few non-structural and temporary works are sufficient to change the image of a property and make a potential buyer fall in love with it. The relative costs can differ depending on the property state and surface: generally, 1 – 2,5% of the selling price.

Allowing to speed up the timing of sale and reduce the discount on the initial price, the Home Staging is not just the cost, but the solution by ensuring a quick economic return too.


The added value represented by a great property image generates a virtuous circle where the best presented property stands out from the competitors because of the receiving of more visits both on the portals and in the reality, having so a higher probability to be sold before and better than others. 

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”
Oscar Wilde


Do you also want to accelerate the time of your property sale through the Home Staging?

So click here and complete the form: you will be contacted soon by one of the Great Estate professionals.

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