A farm-organic estate of constant income

A farm-organic estate of constant income

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Intelligent investments in energy production from agricultural and forestry biomass.

The production of renewable energy with zero impact was one of the hot topics of Expo2015and an investment in the energy production from renewable sources is a guaranteed success due to state incentives. The biomass plants which have a good sales promotion provide components for electricity and the incentive elements grouped in a feed-in tariff of € 0.28 kWh for a period of 20 years.

Farms-biological estate is on the important level of investment because it can bring the annual income of about 400,000 Euros, only in the field of energy production through agricultural-forestry biomass, which is not wide-spread. One of such estate is for sale in Maremma that incorporates other activities of tourist accommodation with the possibility to start wine production with the name «DOC Morellino e Rosso di Sovana».

The proposed investment is particularly interesting for the current profitability guaranteed by recently installed systems capable to make the acquisition sustainable in the medium / long term and for the possibility of developing additional attractive business operations, as well as the rare opportunity to create a new luxury spa in Tuscany with golf course with nine holes plus golf driving range.

The company comprises 5,000 square meters of multi-purpose buildings specialized for agriculture / agritourism, about 500 ha of land, particularly suitable for the creation of a reserve for hunting, wine activities, new generation systems for the production of renewable energy; two photovoltaic plants with a total output of 2 megawatts, and biomass cogeneration plant with an output of 200 kWe.

La Tenuta Maremma recently integrated its activities into a production of agro-energy which consists of series of processing stages of the biomass starting from raw materials of vegetable or animal origin.

These stages involve three essential steps: the retrieval of biomass, its transformation into energy (biofuel) and its use within a system for the conversion of energy.

Biomass is a starting point of the biomass-energy sector and of the construction of energy systems for the contextual production of electricity and heat (CHP – Combined heat and power) from renewable sources.

Unlike fossil fuels, biomass is not evenly distributed throughout the country and has a non-continuous availability and consistent throughout the year.

Therefore, CHP system of renewable sources can only be formed according to combination of thermal demand and availability of biomass.

Thereby, we can mention the triple advantages of the agricultural-biological estate La Tenuta Maremma:
1) The availability of woody biomass, with its 300 ha of forest, large part of which is in cutting (about 280 ha) that can easily meet the raw material demand for a cogeneration plant from about 200 kWe.

It maintains the connection of the energy production from renewable sources, through the implementation of an agricultural-forestry biomass plant with a production capacity of 200 kWe, with the agricultural activity which gives principal results for the company.

2) Belonged to the province of Grosseto the activity of renewable biomass production as an activity related to agricultural area has a tax break on income from farming with huge benefits of liquidity for the company itself.

3) The plant also produces an excess of thermal energy which is fully exploited; in this case a special line for district heating was arranged to heat the part of the buildings nearest to the rural tourist facilities, including the pool. As a result – a considerable saving of the company’s budget both in heating oil supply and power supply of existing heat pumps.

Edited by Riccardo Magini and translated by Iuliia Sharenko-Piccini
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