Real Estate Agent Profession: the new UNI/PdR 40:2018 procedure

Real Estate Agent Profession: the new UNI/PdR 40:2018 procedure

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May, 21st; the new procedure regarding the essential requisites for the real estate agent profession practice and identifying its competences, knowledges, activities, skills and personal training guides lines has been presented in F.I.A.I.P..

The new UNI/PdR 40:2018 procedure, with a view of the highest valorisation of our national real estate agents net, is aimed, in accordance with the European standards, to dictate a lowest common denominator for the profession practice.

Regarding the competences and knowledges needed, the procedures focuses itself specifically on:

General knowledges on: 

law matters; laws; national and European laws inherent to the field; hygiene, sanitary, environment and security aspects; building and architectural regulations; insurance types inherent to the real estate property, financing procedures of a real estate transaction, property building and maintenance elements, economical-political context of the international real estate transactions;

Basic knowledges on:

subsidies, allocations and fiscal incentives relating to the real estate properties; notions of city planning and real estate development; notions of consumer protection; economic-monetary terms and definitions relating to the real estate transactions; real estate investments profit; real estate marketing notions; building and technical regulations relating to the real estate agents services;

Detailed knowledges on: 

the social role of the real estate agent, the real estate market where he/she is working on, anti-money laundering and privacy rules, fiscal principles of the legislation,contracts management, using and managing costs of a real estate property, oral and written presentation techniques, land surveying and estimate;

Moreover, the professional will have to be also able to: 

correctly transferring the information to the client by respecting the ethical code and the current legislation, estimate the market value of the real estate properties; knowing the real estate transactions – E.g. be able to create real estate contracts or register the relating data;

To ensure the learning of all those traits and tasks, as well as the quality and efficiency of the real estate agent offered service, the procedure indicates the need of a constant training:

courses participation, seminaries, master, PhD, meeting, conferences – until achieving an adequate annual credits number of at least 20 – dealing with professional and ethical rules, surveying, building materials techniques, civil and fiscal law, marketing and communication, bank resolution, urbanistic, environment and panning of the territory management techniques, economy and real estate market principles, real estate transactions, environmental and energy aspects of real estate properties, business administration.

Source: F.I.A.I.P.

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