Saint Barth Colony flies into new showroom in the city of angels

Saint Barth Colony flies into new showroom in the city of angels

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Alessandra Conforti

Saint Barth Colony, the prestigious Umbrian design firm has opened a new showroom in Los Angeles, USA. Located in the prestigious La Brea Avenue, a street well known for its shops, youthful spirit and attention to fashion, the amazing and spacious showroom (500 square metres), opened on June 23rd with its fresh and innovative concept. The new showroom showcases the typical character and mindset of St. Barth Colony which combines ancient and modern.

With its signature elegance and original furniture style which has ambience and personality, it is one of a kind. St Barth Colony is entering the American market not just as a design firm but as a manufacturer of home décor. For this reason it is developing partnerships and co-branding agreements with construction and real estate companies with the aim of synergistic collaborations. This is an important step that will deeply enrich the work of the design studio while delivering new ideas and contributions.
St. Barth Colony firmly believes in the effectiveness of professional collaboration so in the US one of its primary goals is to find effective partners to join forces so it can deliver a strong presence in the marketplace. This is basically the way that St. Barth Colony wants to develop and the showroom is certainly a great starting point to promote the brand. This is already a leading brand in Italy not only for its unique and refined style but its ability to decorate and create spaces tailored to individual customer needs. This then allows for dreams to come to life so you can feel at home and relaxed in the profound harmony that is created through differing shapes and colours.

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