Great Estate winning method: the “Three E”

Great Estate winning method: the “Three E”

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Sell a prestigious property well and fast?
Entrust yourself to Great Estate sale strategy, based on a solid and technologically advanced method: let’s find out what the “Three E” rule is.

Great Estate group has been using for many years a winning sale method, aimed to the maximum valorisation of the property: first of all, identifying its objective market value, then finding the right buyer who can appreciate all its qualities, constantly verifying the results concerning its promotion.

We define this method as the “Three E” rule: Evaluation, Exposure, Examination.

  1. Explanation of Great Estate sale method by one of our professionals;
  2. Signature of the evaluation contract and visit to the property;
  3. Evaluation of the property, obtained with a special tool offered by Great Estate to its clients: The Best Price, advanced IT service used to determine fast and professionally the right value of each property;
The Best Price
  • Signature of the sale contract, setting the most fitting tools and marketing plans with the seller.
  • Writing of a detailed report of the property (and translation in case of purchase of marketing plan);
  • Professional photo shoot (and video with DJI Phantom 4 drone in case of marketing plan with this option);
  • Writing a Due Diligence.

As for the next steps of Great Estate sale method, we suggest You to visit our website in the “Services for the Seller” section to find them out!

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