Great Estate meets Professor Sabino Cassese

Great Estate meets Professor Sabino Cassese

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Today we interview Professor Sabino Cassese, authoritative exponent of the Italian political and social landscape. Last summer, thanks to Great Estate, Professor Cassese sold his farmhouse “Poggio Fiorito” to a Swedish couple.

Italian jurist and academic, former Minister of Public Service, emeritus judge of the Constitutional Court and currently emeritus professor of the Scuola Normale in Pisa, where he teaches History of the Political Institutions: here’s Professor Sabino Cassese, who chose Great Estate for the sale of his farmhouse and kindly accepted to grant us an interview.


Professor Cassese, first of all, we want to thank You for dedicating us some of your precious time. Could You tell us when You bought the property? Was there something that particularly attracted you? Do You have some anecdote to tell us?

I bought “Poggio Fiorito” twenty years ago: I remember that I was looking for another farmhouse in that area, a bit ahead of the location of Poggio Fiorito, and then I met someone on the road who told me that also this one was probably for sale. You see, the fate is so important sometimes!


What has it meant to You, owning a farmhouse between Umbria and Tuscany, in particular between Città della Pieve and Cetona?

A picture of the farmhouse “Poggio Fiorito”

It was a great opportunity to get to know better the area, and to have a place to peacefully work (reading and writing). Moreover, it was perfect to enjoy long walks in the surrounding countryside.


How did You get to know Great Estate Group? And when did You start this collaboration?

As far as I remember, I got a mention from a local person. Then Great Estate helped me through the phases of the sale for about two/three years.


What services did Great Estate offer You differently from other agencies that worked with Your property?

Great professionalism, exceptional presentation over the internet, excellent relationships with the clients, high level of discretion. Honestly, I had never thought I would find such good experts, for both knowledge and experiences.


Please, tell us about the negotiation, closed at the beginning of Summer, with the clients who bought Your beautiful property..Was it difficult to bring the sale to completion?

No difficulty and no snag. I think that the people who bought the farmhouse are excellent persons, meticulous and precise. In addition, I know they had exceptional assistance from Great Estate, even more important since they are foreigners who needed to know the property in every detail but spoke another language.


Could You please tell us about Your experience with Great Estate and in particular with the professional who followed Your sale, Roberto Biggera? I Your opinion, what are the strong points of this group of professionals?

First of all, great patience, which is necessary when it comes to many and very different negotiations and requests from sellers and buyers. Then, excellent knowledge of the area and of all the legal and practical issues. Last but not least, great discretion. I am very happy and satisfied of the support I received, also during the negotiation, when the entire group was really kind, professional and patient. For these very reasons, I would recommend Great Estate professionals to those who want to sell a luxury property.


Thank You, Professor Cassese, for Your important and precious feedback.

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