Great Estate works even on the National Holiday of Ferragosto!

Great Estate works even on the National Holiday of Ferragosto!

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Great Estate motto: never stop and always move on with great satisfaction.
New property visits in the South Tuscany even on the Ferragosto holiday.

Even on the day of Farragosto, having returned from the summer holidays, Stefano Petri, CEO of Great Estate Immobiliare, Roberto Biggera, International Sales Co-ordinator and Geometer Alessandro Giulianelli, partner of Great Estate Immobiliare had a pleasant deal with important international clients in one exclusive farmhouse in the South Tuscany, in particular, in the beautiful province of Siena, in the Municipality of Sarteano, to make a visit to a, shortly speaking, fascinating place.

In fact, the clients, potentially interested in the splendid property, have asked one-two technical diligence to check the conformity and the technical-urban regularities of the structure and have inquired about the possibility of expanding the number of rooms currently present in the house.

Great Estate, as always, has shown itself from the best side, providing the clients with appropriate professional service, pleasantly spending a part of the Ferragosto day in such a beautiful place together with the owner, with whom there were carried out all the necessary verifications to meet the needs of the potential buyer.

After this, although they were physically absent, the clients have been constantly provided with updated photos and other files via whatsapp, sent by the local professionals.

The Group’s efficiency has not failed to confirm the results: a new purchase proposal duly completed and revised in two languages has already been signed with the deposit advance payment.

That is an excellent result of a nice Ferragosto holiday!

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