How to Sell a Villa on Lake Trasimeno Only in Nine Months!

How to Sell a Villa on Lake Trasimeno Only in Nine Months!

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Great Estate, one more time, managed to sell a beautiful villa in a record brief period to Italian-Chinese clients. The splendid view of Lake Trasimeno again captured the attention of the international clients and the Great Estate Group was able to create the right visibility.

The international market, despite of particular historical moment, does not stop with Great Estate.

Great Estate has just closed one more important negotiation: one prestigious villa situated in the Municipality of Tuoro sul Trasimeno (PG) with a lake view, stunning, to say the least, was sold to Italian-Chinese buyers, residents in London.

The villa of new construction has an area of about 170 sqm and is spread on two floors, being enriched with an elegant garden with swimming pool.

It was acquired to Great Estate Immobiliare database only in October 2015 and only in nine months we have managed to find the right international client.

The vendor has signed a sales exclusive mandate with the Group and shared the Silver Marketing Plan. Not only: he has agreed with Great Estate the property assessment done with The Best Price, the newest computer system devised by the Group together with a computer company which deals with geo analysis and three Italian universities, that allows to obtain the transparent estimates and assessments, with fair market value, of any type of the property.

The difference between the value estimated by The Best Price and the sale price was only 5 %.

This shows how important is to assign a fair value of the property to achieve the goal of the sale. And it was proved by Great Estate!

The continued investment of Great Estate in marketing, the continued promotion of the acquired properties through the most famous national and international circuits in the world and the opportunity to test the effectiveness of the marketing plan shared with the client with the help of online statistics system that Great Estate offers – these are some of the main aspects that have led to the sale of this beautiful villa in such a short time.

In less than a year, the page of the property on the website has obtained 1,129 views, the first half of which is of Italian origin, the other half is international; not surprisingly, the 9% of this slice are the visitors from the UK, where the buyers of the villa have their residence.

Only in nine months, all of the Great Estate operators have sent the brochure of this villa to 739 clients of the group, have responded on 11 specific requests and made 4 visits: a job that brought an impressive result considering the current historical moment for the real estate world. But it does not influence on Great Estate, because the relying on the Group means being able to make the best evaluation of the property in order to find the right buyer at the right moment.

The Italian-Chinese buyers have known Great Estate only six months ago through the international portal; They had an opportunity to stay a few days in this villa on Lake Trasimeno, to “feel” what it means to live in such a lovely place.

In fact, this is the tendency of the last time: rent to test, rent to buy … are some of the most requested options of international buyers. The owner was absolutely helpful in this case and, thanks to collaboration with Great Estate, it was possible to carry out all the visits necessary to meet the demands of the clients and respond all their questions, sometimes even on a high technical rate. So, it was possible thanks to the professionalism and know-hows of all the experts of the Group.

The negotiation started in June 2016 and Great Estate all this time supported the buyers and the sellers. From the preparation of the draft preliminary contract revised by the Group’s inner legal counsel, to the detailed step-by-step explanation (do not forget the difficulty that an international client can meet arriving in Italy, in understanding our bureaucratic system), to the collection and compilation of all technical documents related to the property and their presentation to the purchasers since the first stages of the negotiation.

In conclusion, Great Estate never leaves the client “alone”, on the contrary, it takes care about the relationship with Him, trying to satisfy His demands and needs, as best as possible, from the first contact to the notarial deed, and even after, thanks to relationships with partners affiliated to the group, it provides the new owner with all available technical services.

It is the step-by-step assistance that Great Estate can guarantee!

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