Selling a luxury property to foreign clients. The secrets to getting noticed worldwide

Selling a luxury property to foreign clients. The secrets to getting noticed worldwide

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If you have recently or not so recently put your beautiful farmhouse or your luxury villa by the sea on sale, you will probably have often heard that the best buyers at the moment are foreigners.

We’re not just talking about our closer European neighbours (such as the Germans or the English), but also the Americans, Russians and Chinese that are the new growing real estate markets. What you’re probably wondering however, is: “How does a Russian or a Chinese buyer who is interested in purchasing a beautiful farmhouse in Italy, find my property?”
The answer is simple, rely on real estate professionals who know how to get the right responses and who have the best techniques for these types of markets. The Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group who work in the luxury sector, have developed a sure-fire technique to ensure a property is found easily online. First, The Great Estate Group has established partnerships with many real estate agencies, magazines and industry portals, and for this reason can now offer the opportunity to enter properties in a worldwide focused reach. We then created marketing plans to meet sellers’ particular requirements, in order to sell the property well and quickly. By sharing marketing plans, the client, advised by our professionals, can choose between three different packages: Basic Package, Russia Package and Gold Package. With the first, 10,000 views per year are guaranteed; this means that the property details will be seen by 10,000 people, while with the Russia package, 36,000 views and the Gold Package guarantees 75,000. All packages come with industry experts; from photographers for a professional photo shoot and native translators, to experts in marketing and IT which will all make the advertising and marketing of your property more attractive to the market.

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