Great Estate in San Vincenzo: Dr. Antonio Anile tells us about the project of the new office

Great Estate in San Vincenzo: Dr. Antonio Anile tells us about the project of the new office

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The project Great Estate in San Vincenzo was opened to satisfy numerous requests coming mainly from abroad for this coastal area of Tuscany, called the Etruscan Coast.

The Etruscan Coast is called so because of numerous Etruscan necropolis present mainly between the Gulf of Baratti and Populonia, a true pearl of this area, which was originally the only Etruscan city built along the coast.

“The decision to open an office in this town was made by Stefano Petri (the rightmost in the photo) about one year ago and only about 6 months ago, we have actually launched the project with the opening of the selling point,” tells Dr. Antonio Anile, the office manager (the leftmost in the photo).

“This area, historically, is sough-after by German and Swiss clients but our data tells about the increasing interest of the clients from United States, Canada and South America,” Antonio Anile continues.

“Thanks to the specific overseas marketing campaign, we receive many contacts from these countries. In fact, these days, one our new client from Brazil is coming to Italy to view some agritourist structures in our area, with price range of one million and a half.”

“The results of the first semester of our work have exceeded the most optimistic expectations.

Quite young and dynamic but expert group united by common tools and methodology offered by Great Estate allows us to look ahead with absolute optimism.

We are investing also in the human recourses.

Besides Mary Ann Tumiotto (on the right in the photo) who is with as for several years and who manages mainly the international clients, we have recently accepted also Architect Lidia Gatto (on the left in the photo) who deals with the acquisition and evaluation of the properties.

Her technic competence in the cadastral and urban planning area will be useful for us in the pre-sale phase.

We meet different local real estate agents willing to “steer” their career.

And our object is to insert at least 2 more collaborators this year.”

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