One more beautiful farmhouse in Tuscany sold by our Group

One more beautiful farmhouse in Tuscany sold by our Group

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A splendid farmhouse immersed in the Tuscan countryside was recently sold to our international clients. Tommaso Liscaio, the professional who has managed the buyers, tells about the sale.

Hi Tommaso, you have recently closed an important sale of a splendid farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside, between Chiusi and Cetona, in collaboration with Great Estate: what can you tell us about this?

Hello all. Yes, we have closed the sale thanks to the collaboration with Giacomo Buonavita, the real estate agent who managed the sellers.

Originally, the sold property was built as a farmhouse surrounded by eight hectares of beautiful vineyard. Certainly, it is an excellent investment but it is also a responsibility for those looking for a second holiday home or a guests’ house for tourists.

So, after the first period when the property did not receive the recognition it deserves for, Giacomo offered a brilliant idea – to sell the house without land plot.

How long have you been managing these clients? From what advertising channel did they arrive?

Out first contacts with the clients date back to November 2015. I think they used our website,, to contact us.

Where are they from? What requirements did they have?

I would say that this couple is quite “international”: she is from Milan, he is from England, now both are living in Shanghai.
It was a research of a typical Tuscan-Umbrian farmhouse: stone, brick, lush greenery around. They were looking for a home in a total privacy yet not far from the services. They wanted a swimming pool and a small courtyard around the property.

Did they do many visits before to discover “Il Casale delle Vigne”? Was it an easy choice?

In two days we have managed to organised well seven visits, between Umbria and Tuscany. At the end, their choice was concentrated on the farmhouse they actually bought and on another house in Umbria.
They gave their preference to Tuscany because it is more attractive for the tourist rental circuits: it was the last purpose of their investment.

What was their first reaction when they visited the property?

At once, they had excellent impressions: the same evening we have signed the purchase offer and organised a meeting with an agency dealing with tourist rentals.

What are the attractions of the residence in the area of Tuscany?

The area lying between Chiusi and Cetona and all Valdichiana in general, absolutely, is a perfect location to invest in a property for tourist rentals as well as for creation of a personal holiday home.

In such farmhouses, immersed into the countryside, it is possible to find privacy and at the same time vicinity to the highways and railway station – these characteristics make the area very attractive.

I would like to mention also the splendid cities like Siena, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza that can be easily reached from that location.

The Great Estate Group is very well presented on the international level. As for you, what are the reasons of such success?

The everyday work of the professionals of the Group is another fundamental aspect.

The press office, the exposure on the most authoritative national and international real estate portals provide all this high performance.

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